Can't Get Enough Futurama

War over?

No way.

In light of the new episode to air today, we changed back to our old design so people can review the episode etc.

We will still focus most of our news on the cancellation issue for sure. So let me start ...

I want to repeat Andie's call to write the person in charge of programming:

Mr. David Nevins
Executive Vice President, Programming
Fox Broadcasting Company
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Bldg. 100, Room 4510
Los Angeles, CA 90035 U.S.A

Stay nice, tell him that the 7PM slot caused the problem, that about 70 people won't get their contract renewed at Rough Draft, that ordering more episodes later next year would be more expensive as a new team would need to be trained, that we want a second time slot for new episodes and that the old one is moved to a suitable time. Also, more publicity for the show is in order! Write that letter, it's important!

Our petition is beyond 54,000 signatures now and about to pass the Family guy petition within just 4 days.

And again: Spread the word! We now need to reach people who do not check the internet for Futurama stuff. If you know anyone who even remotely likes Futurama, for the sake of the people at RD keeping their well done job, tell them to write a letter and sign the petition! Also, maybe target semi closely related websites like popular Star Trek sites and entertainment sites. Thanks to for including our campaign in the sunday column.

I will add links to articles about the situation.
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