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Entertainment Weekly reacts

Remember when we reported Entertainment Weekly being rude to Futurama and asked you to write emails to the bad guy? Turns out that they paddled back some in the next issue saying "it was only compared to the Simpsons" and now they published a reader's mail (edited and merged with some other mail) by Eric Clark. That's the guy who origially tipped me off on their nono-behaviour:
How can Dalton Ross suggest that Futurama "just wasn't all that funny" when he, and millions of other people, never got a chance to see it (Television: What to Watch)? Anyone who has tried to support this hilarious show can tell you that Fox sometimes preempted it for football, and gives it little advertising and less support than its trashy reality shows that took someone 30 seconds to develop. These are the real reasons why Futurama has never enjoyed the enormous success it deserves.
The "sometimes" was added by Entertainment Weekly. The original was "Fox pre-empts it for football and King of the Hill reruns with maddening frequency".
Go, Futurama lobby
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