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Cartoon Network Futurama Schedule #6

Sadly, Cartoon Network used its censoring scissors on Futurama for the first time. Luckily, we thought of your mental health and have the mp3 for relentless loop playing: Sweet Zombie Jesus!
Sun 16th: Bender Gets Made
Mon 17th: Mother's Day
Tue 18th: The Problem with Popplers
Wed 19th: Anthology of Interest I
Thu 20th: War Is The H-Word

On other CN news: We talk about it before, but now Cartoon Network's schedule officially reflects that they will be showing "30% Iron Chef", "Love & Rocket", "Leela's Homeworld" and "Where no fan has gone before". "The Route of all Evil" is not on the list. Up to yesterday none of these were scheduled for this time around.

Additionally, Bender's voice John Dimaggio speaks Philip II in the new Monday to Thursday midnight show "Reign: The Conqueror".
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