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Sun 16th: No Futurama (King of the Hill)
Sun 23rd: No Futurama (Simpsons repeat)
Sun 02nd: FUTURAMA "Less Than Heroes"

A while back we posted spoilers for this episode (thanks to A. Franklin), so ... if you want to be spoiled a bit:
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Suffering from aches and pains, Fry and Leela turn to Dr. Zoidberg who gives them a "miracle cream" that he bought long ago from a traveling salesman. Lo and behold, when they try it out, it actually is a miracle cream that gives them superpowers. Fry and Leela decide to become super heroes with Bender as the third member of their team.
Leela wears an extremely revealing outfit and goes by the name of Cloberella, but she is torn between trying to perform her duties as a super hero and spending time with her mutant mother and father who are visiting her on the surface. When an arch villain learns their secret identities, he kidnaps Leela's parents and commands the super heroes to commit a crime...
We'll be back start of March to celebrate this new Futurama episode.
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