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130,000+ Signature Petition Delivered

After a year of watching the petition grow beyond all our expectations, time was running out and it had to be delivered. So, a week ago we had our L.A. guy Jon walk to a print shop with a CDR in his hands. Back at home a day later, two pages of selected quotes by fans, a title page explaining the situation and a neat red ribbon were added to the pile of 1400+ sheets of paper filled with over 130,000 signatures. Going from there, the stack went to Groening's office at the FOX building and was then carried over to FOX CEO Gail Berman's desk yesterday. Let's hope it does trigger some thoughts about where things went wrong for Futurama and how to solve the problems at hand without disappointing the audience.

I'd also like to use this news item to thank petition-online for their service and support throughout that year. If you have a few dollars to donate to them, feel free to do so.
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