Can't Get Enough Futurama

Boobjob Beats Bender

FOX Network changed their mind about showing Futurama this Sunday and now scheduled a third run of Marge Simpson getting breast implants to show in its place. The episode first aired in November 2002 and then again as recently as the 300th episode Sunday in February.

The week afterwards (03/26) will be Futurama-free, too. The Oscar ceremonies are countered by FOX airing "True Lies", which incidentally pre-empted Futurama one year ago on 03/25, too.

Now there are 9 Sundays left till end of May on which Futurama could air but 10 episodes remaining...

UPDATE: 03/30 lists "Futurama - Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" but I'm not going to believe that anytime soon. It's also the same Sunday on which "The Pitts" is poised to premiere and use up one of Malcom's slots. Meanwhile, TVGiudeLive lists Futurama as "On indefinite hiatus".
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