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New David X. Cohen Interview

Amy website owner and Hotdog and DVD Review editor Andy McDermott managed to get a nice interview with Futurama executive producer David X. Cohen.
Q: Another show that had an emotional ending was the one with Fry's fossilised dog, 'Jurassic Bark'. I think the ending of that took a lot of people by surprise, because it was really quite harsh.

A: That one, some people felt we had gone too far, and you may have your own opinion about that! My assistant Michelle, she was literally mad at me for about a month that we chose that ending! People are all over the map on their responses to that episode. It seemed like once we actually started writing that one, it turned more and more into an episode about Fry and Bender and Fry's past, [...] and at some point we realised that we should not bring the dog back to life, because the episode is not really about that at all. That's why we decided to go the way we did. But I certainly sympathise with the people who think we went too far on that one! Personally I really liked it. I think we're going to submit that one to the Emmy awards, in fact, really go out on a limb and put out on that people either love or hate!
The questions were partly prepared on PEEL. Have a go and read it. Questions only paraphrazed will appear in the two aforementioned UK magazines, so, might as well try to buy them.
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