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Futurama Season 3 DVD/VHS Trailer

Look what I found buried on the UK FOX server: The Futurama Season 3 DVD/VHS Trailer in a small 1.64MB and a bigger 4MB version. Great job there. Really fun to watch.
The Season 3 DVD set is now constantly hovering in the top 10 preorders at (currently on #4). Among the DVD best sellers it's on #8 already. So, don't miss out and go preorder it, too.

Incidentally, the Futurama Season 2 DVD set will be released in Australia tomorrow.

UPDATE: The Futurama S3 DVD managed to get rank 2 on both DVD pre-orders and DVD bestsellers at Rank 1 is LotR: TTT (unbeatable for the next months). This is quite remarkable seeing that the release is 3 weeks to go from now. If it manages to stay in the top 10 up to then, it should confirm the popularity and commercial potential Futurama still possesses. If only the heads would take notice ...
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