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Decision Day for Futurama

So, today is the day we'll know whether Futurama gets a time slot in the 2003/2004 season. Time to recap what happened since production was put on hiatus in February 2002:
  • Our petition reaches the 6 digit realm within 2 months.
  • FOX keeps pre-empting Futurama, ending season 4 after no more than 12 episodes.
  • Futurama's Roswell that Ends well is nominated for the Emmy and wins it, too.
  • Season 2 DVDs are released in Europe - a huge success.
  • The Animation Writing Award goes to Futurama producer/writer Patric Verrone.
  • Futurama McSeason 5 starts and only gets to show 8 episodes in the traditional season time.
  • Futurama gets two Annie nominations and wins one for director Rich Moore.
  • Cartoon Network starts airing Futurama late the evening - with huge success for the station.
  • Futurama Executive Producer gets a Writers Guild of America Award nomination and beats KotH and 3 Simpsons episodes to it.
  • Our petition is handed in: 130,000 fan signatures - no reaction by FOX.
  • Season 1 is dispatched on DVD in the USA - and about everyone gives it great reviews ( as the latest).
  • gotfuturama's daily access and visitor numbers more than doubled in this time period.
All together, the logic thing to do for 2003/2004 seems to be replacing Futurama with a British-made Japan-style humiliation game show featuring elderly people in wheelchairs playing a game of chicken. I mean, instead of promoting Futurama and getting it a stable and more audience suitable time slot.
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