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E3 Video Game Footage

Be sure to check out's E3 coverage of the Futurama Video Game - Futurama Hands-On. The article includes new E3 video footage of the game and many new screenshots. The video itself is a pretty large file (8MB), so don't try downloading it if you're on an ice-aged 56k modem. The video is very crisp, and in my opinion makes the game look amazing.
In many gaming circles, the word "licensed" is nearly synonymous with "not very good." [...] The upcoming Futurama game looks like its shaping up to be one of the exceptions.
Also, if you'd like to see the official fox trailer to this game, click here.

Futurama @ GameNation
Overall, Futurama is a great game license that has come to consoles exceptionally well. For fans who just can
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