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David X. Cohen Interview on IGN

Looks like Futurama executive producer David Cohen has been busy giving interviews the last few days. In this IGN front page linked article, he talks about what he did in the meantime, what he wants to do in the future (including a movie project with Ken Keeler - the writer of tomorrow's final episode), the long-shot hope for continuing Futurama with Cartoon Network, the slightly better Futurama movie possibility, the upcoming Season 2 DVDs, the Futurama Video Game and ... this very site A short excerpt:
IGN DVD: Has there been grassroots fan efforts to save the show like there was with other series?

Cohen: There have been huge efforts but the network hasn't been too interested. There is an online petition that as far as I know is the largest petition in TV history to save a show, and there's a Web site run by fans called That site ended up being the central location for fans to go to, and I admit that I go there to see an air date or something I've forgotten. They have a link to it (the petition). I think at one point they delivered a hardcopy to Fox executives which must have been the size of five Manhattan phone books. (laughs)
And before questions flare up, I think he got the thing about the Game Cube Futurama video game wrong. All signs still point towards no go there.
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