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The Devil's Hand - The End.

This is the end of Futurama as far as FOX is concerned. Let's hope one day someone else at some other channel thinks differently about it. As Leela puts it in the last line on the show (highlight to read): "Please don't stop playing, Fry - I wanna hear how it ends."

Now, to the episode:
  • Reviews: Time to tell Cohen, Keeler and the people around here what you thought about this one. Was it a good way to end the show? Sadly, this episode had to be produced with "Season finale, but maybe Series finale" in mind.
  • Capsule: Every content bit you noticed, every goof you found, every reference you saw, every other comment you got: The capsule is the place for all that.
  • Trivia: 10 questions to test your meat head.
  • Quotes: The best lines in audio-textual form.
  • Frame Grabs: This episode was full of great animation and poses.
  • Opera: And as a final extra, a transcript of the opera, in case you missed something.
In addition, this episode was the A-pick of weekly:
in the end, Futurama produced four seasons of consistently outstanding television. That fine run comes to a close with "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings," a superbly funny ending to the series.
Also, TVGuide gave the series a fare-well review:
With tonight's finale, in which Fry declares his feelings for Leela by writing and performing an opera, there will be 72 episodes in the can. I like to think that somewhere in the near future, a Fox executive will surf into an episode one starry night, or what passes for one in L.A., and laugh. And then cry.
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