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Futurama Schedule Update

A few notes on the scheduling of Futurama on TV.

You might have noticed that the "Top Futurama News" part on this site made way for a list of upcoming Futurama episodes on TV. If so, you may also have wondered why there is a FOX entry showing up on it.

The answer is that FOX is going to air a few more Futurama reruns during the offseason. This Sunday, it's time for Kif to get knocked up a notch. The Sunday after, there will be a Futurama double feature comprising of "Less Than Hero" and "The Why of Fry". Looks like watching old ladies playing a game of wheelchair chicken isn't as big a hit as it would sound like being (the ratings were lower than Futurama's for a few weeks now).

Another Futurama double feature is coming on the UK channel Sky|One: Starting at 19:00 this Sunday, British fans can see both "Bender Should not be allowed on TV" and the series finale "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings".
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