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88.1 Interview with Lamarche

Action Jacktion from PEEL notified me about a roughly half hour radio interview 88.1 The 'Burg did with Maurice Lamarche on their Weekly Geek cast. The interview wasn't Futurama centered but talk on Maurice's work as Morbo and Kif did ensue.

With permission of 88.1, the interview in 3 files:
  • part 1 (9min, 8.7MB)
  • part 2 (8min, 7.9MB)
  • part 3 (15min, 14.3MB)

    Maurice mentions his work on The Critic and together with Billy West on "Comic Book - The Movie", which both came out on DVD the other day. In addition, the hosts ask him when the next Futurama seasons come out on DVD. He didn't know, so: March 9th for Season 3. The date for Season 4 isn't known yet.
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