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Futurama Comics #16

Futurama Comics #16 was released today. It originally was suppose to come out last week, but got delayed for unknown reasons. This is the first issue of the four part trilogy (four part trilogy...) by Ian Boothby. The next issue is scheduled to come out in about four months (give or take.)
When Professor Farnsworth's clone Cubert shows a slight dip in his studies and a decrease in his IQ, he is sent across the galaxy in search of a school that will save his brain from atrophying. But Cubert's not the only one sent off to boarding school. Fry, Leela, and Bender find themselves trapped in the Blackboard Jungle as well. Join us for the prologue to "The Time Bender Trilogy" - a special Futurama story arc - in four parts!
If you got it and read it, review it!

In related news, the guy at the comic shop that I bought this from had a Futurama t-shirt on. I asked him if he knew about, he said no. I then told him I'm the uber-nerd who never updates on the best Futurama website on the net. He seemed amazed! Eh, not really. But we did have a nice conversation on the lack of Futurama t-shirts, and the fact that he bought 6 of them way back in 1999 when Fox actually sold some good Futurama shirts.
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