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No Annie For Futurama

According to Variety, the two Annie categories Futurama was nominated for went to its sibling show "The Simpsons".

For "Music in an Animated Television Production", Ken Keeler's song from "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings" was beaten by a song from The Simpsons "Dude, Where's My Ranch" - written by Ken Keeler et al.

In "Writing in an Animated Television Production" Patric Verrone's Futurama episode "The Sting" had to bow to The Simpsons "Three Gays of the Condo" in which Homer shares rooms with said guys after getting in trouble with Marge again. This is the second time that episode beat a Futuarma one and to be honest... I didn't think "Three Gays" was that great compared to the first Simpsons episode with a gay theme.

The upcoming WGA awards will again pit "The Sting" against Simpsons episodes. So let's hope I don't have to rant again.
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