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Futurama and Math

Some while ago, I reported on an article Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald was preparing with a little help of Tom Georgoulias and me. The article was called "Futurama πk - Mathematics in the Year 3000" and aimed at undergraduates getting into the field of mathematics. This month the Mathematical Association of America printed the article in its April edition of Math Horizon.

For those of you interested in the math and science background of Futurama but unwilling to leave the basement to check out the math department library, Sarah's SimpsonsMath site has a section on Futurama including a pdf of the 4 page article. Even though earthly boundaries kept it from covering everything mathematic in Futurama, it should be a nice primer for prospective nerds
The Futurama collectors might have some headache with this one though. As far as I know the magazine is subscription only.
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