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Futurama Comics #21

This will be out September 28th, 2005. If anyone has a preview scan of this issue, send it my way please.
by Rogers and Delaney
Fry takes his first trip to the dentist in over one thousand years and discovers that his dental fillings are receiving a sub space from an unknown alien race. But their friendly entreaties for peace soon turn to a declaration of war after Fry begins grinding his teeth in his sleep.
Futurama X-Mas DVD rumor
According to an Essex Futurama fan that goes by the name Jamie, there will be a Futurama X-Mas themed DVD out near the end of the year. He works at blockbuster, and it lists "Futurama at Christmas" as an upcoming release.

No official word on this. There's really no info at all about it. But it sounds like a decent enough idea, no? Fox had announced something like this to happen many years ago, before the seasonal DVDs were released. So maybe they're finally going to follow through with the idea.
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