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Futurama Direct-to-Video Greenlit?

Update by [-mArc-]:
Due to some communication hiccup within CGEF, the following had been posted without all information attached. Most importantly, our latest information from David X. Cohen is that the movie(s) have NOT been greenlit yet. So, take what Billy says as a good sign, but not neccessarily as the final word on it.

It seems that FOX has finally given the Futurama Direct-to-Video the green light. In the first of IGN's exclusive Video Blogs direct from San Diego's Comic-Con International, voice actor Billy West (Fry, Zoidberg, the Professor, and many more voices for many more shows) revealed to us that a brand-new direct-to-video Futurama movie has been greenlit. There is also an option on a second dvd.

Thanks to IGN for this exclusive information. The information has not yet been confirmed by Matt Groening or FOX itself, so let's just keep hoping
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