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Voicework on Futurama DVDs done

During a meeting with the 'King of the Hill' voice team, IGN talked to voice actress Lauren Tom who revealed that she just recorded her last lines for the 4 Futurama DVD movies we first reported on a year ago:
Among her most notable roles is that of Amy on Futurama, a role she will be reprising soon, as Futurama returns with four DVD movies, which will also be reformatted as 16 new episodes, to air on Comedy Central next year.

I asked Tom about her return to Futurama, and she told me "We just did sixteen episodes and we just recorded the last four, and that was a big tear-fest."
The tentative release date for the first movie is still around Christmas this year. Possibly the 4th of December.

Thanks to Eric for tipping us off on the IGN article.
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