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CC Panel recap and interview

Alex Vo was able to attend the Futurama panel at Comic-con and wrote about it on
Then they ran the clip, a five-minute collection of random footage from the first DVD movie, out on DVD November 27th (and the first of four to be released throughout 2008): Bender's Big Score!
There is a bit of information about the story of the first movies, so if you do not want to know anything about it, skipt ahead to page 2, where you'll find an exlcusive interview with Rich Moore who was a Futurama director throughout the original run and did some supervising for the upcomming movies:
RT: Will you be trying to capturing new fans with the Futurama movies?

RM: I think the idea is to capture new fans. The first one is a great science fiction story. It's got the Fry and Leela relationship. It's got lots of action. It's got lots of great Bender and Zoidberg moments. All the old regulars who have appeared have their own scenes. But it's very accessible to people who haven't watched a whole lot.
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