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Futurama Bender's Big Score DVD Contest

Futurama is about to return to TV screens - in DVD form. With the November 27, 2007 release of Bender's Big Score less than four weeks away it's high time that we start our DVD Giveaway Trivia Contest to celebrate the revival of Futurama. We will be handing out 10 DVDs in the form of CGEF paid-for preorders to the ten lucky winners.

The contest winners will be announced on November 15th.

The rules:
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  1. You must be living in the United States of America.
  2. You must be at least 13 years old and in case you aren't an adult yet, have permission of a parent or guardian to take part.
  3. You must believe us that we won't be using any of your submitted data for anything but the contest. We are asking for your full name and the name of the street you live on but only require the full address (house number, city, ZIP) from the winners for shipping.
  4. You must get as many of the trivia questions right as you can. Each correct answer increases your chances to be drawn as a winner.
  5. You must submit exactly once before Thursday, November 15th as that's when the 10 winners will be drawn from the pool of submissions and notified by email / published on our site. They have 72 hours to respond from there. Otherwise we'll pick someone else. The deadline should leave ample time for the winners to cancel any preorder they might have placed themselves.

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