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Bender's Big Score Interview with DXC

In the run-up to the release of the first out of four feature length Futurama movies, Bender's Big Score, we were lucky to snatch an interview with David X. Cohen (DXC) who served as executive producer of Futurama throughout the 72 episode run of the show and is now overseeing the production of the four new movies.
Read what he has to say about Futurama's past, its hiatus period, its resurrection and the possibility of a future for Futurama.
CGEF: What enabled the four new Direct-to-DVD Futurama movies to go ahead in the end?

DXC: It was 100% a case of the fans saving our necks. DVD sales were excellent, and viewership of the reruns on Adult Swim surpassed all expectations, remaining shockingly high year after year.
Thanks go to FOX for providing illustrative images.
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