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Interview with Rough Draft Studios

Scott Weinberg of "Cinematical" just put up a nice interview with producers and directors Claudia Katz, Dwayne Carey-Hill and Peter Avanzino of Rough Draft Studios, who are responsible for turning the Futurama scripts into animation.
Cinematical: "Explain why the sickeningly clever Roswell That Ends Well holds a special place in the collective heart of the Rough Draft crew. (And congrats. It really is a superlative episode on all counts.)"

Claudia Katz: "Roswell is one my top three episodes of all time. Made great of course by our very own Rich Moore, as well as our fantastic crew. It was also the studio's first Emmy Award. After several nominations and no wins, I was sure we would never get that Emmy. That year I persuaded the writers (mostly because they probably agreed anyway) to submit Roswell for Emmy consideration. I remember driving to the Emmys thinking, well at least this year we'll lose on our own terms. When they called out Futurama, I was literally sitting in my chair thinking, well, they didn't say "The" as in The Simpsons. Both Rich Moore and I were so shocked we had to be prodded out of [our] chairs."
Read the whole interview to learn more about how the Futurama animation is created and about the people behind it.
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