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More Premiere Ticket Winners!

I assume due to my whiny undertone when submitting the list of winners, FOX tripled their Futurama Movie Premiere offer and asked me to name ten more fans as additional winners. And here they are!
  • M. Steinberg (27)
  • E. Nielsen (35)
  • A. Michaud (25)
  • P. Mastroianni (24)
  • Z. Clairville (23)
  • C. Lo (23)
  • C. Barrus (42)
  • P. Johnson (22)
  • B. Larson (35)
  • R. Smith (30)
Each of them should bring another fan of age 21+ along.
Have fun!

Thanks to everyone involved in getting these 30 seats to people who will likely be talking about the event for weeks on ends.

PS: Our DVD winning contest closes now. The winners will be announced late Nov. 15th.
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