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Tickets for BwaBB on Big Screen

Got no tickets for Comic-Con this year? Still want to meet fans of the show and some of the Futurama cast? Also, watch "Beast with a Billion Backs" on big screen for free? With a friend you bring along? It might just happen!

There will be a big screen showing of "Beast with a Billion Backs" on Friday 25th, 7pm at the Reading Gaslamp 15 theater in San Diego. It's "fans only" and will be attended by various cast and crew of the show. I'm not sure whether there will be a box office sale or not but with a bit of luck, you don't need one! We were given the opportunity to hand out 25 pairs of tickets (i.e., 50 seats total) to readers of CGEF for free!

So, if
  1. you are positive that you can be in San Diego on Friday the 25th of July at 7pm

  2. you are 21 years or older Restriction removed!

  3. you also got a friend who is 21 years or older who wants to go, too
write a short email with your full name and a 1 - 4 sentence reason why I should send you to this event to . As there is not too much time left, I might favor those who enter early and put them on the guest list. It does not matter whether you have tickets for Comic-Con or not.

UPDATE: Give-away is over! I'm out of tickets. All winners have been notified via email.
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