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"Cameron Diaz got a 9 foot mouth!"

Ok guys, here's a MASSIVE treat for you all:
Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak is currently doing his own online chat show. If you haven't caught it already it goes out every Sunday LIVE from his website. The diverse range of guests are always interesting so it's always worth a look.

However, this week saw two special guests join Pollak; Billy West and John DiMaggio!

During the almost 2.5 hour show the actors cover subjects from growing up, to beat boxing to their favourite dirty joke (I even managed to get a question in through the chat room at about the 1:47 mark).
Kevin is a great interviewer and this is a great watch, and not just for fans, as Billy and John prove to be both hilarious and interesting.
You can watch from Kevin's website:
Or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes:
You can also follow kevin on twitter and try to check out his other interviews as they are just as interesting.


Note: NSFW: Strong language.
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