Can't Get Enough Futurama

"You can't Un-watch it!"

We're alive!

Sorry for the extreme lack of updates on the site. My internet was down for a while and I could only do updates via Twitter on my iPhone.

But the internet's back up and I'm back with a little treat for you all.
On Monday I'll be interviewing the fantastic Maurice LaMarche, voice of Kif, Morbo, Lrrr and many more.
We'll be having a chat about his work and of course about the upcoming return of our favourite 31st centurians!
The fun part is I'll be mixing in some fan-submitted questions. So, if you want to get involved email me(reed @, ensuring the subject line reads LAMARCHE. In the email include one question and your name as you'd like it to appear if I choose the question.
Go for it! And remember, the more interesting the question, the more likely it will get picked! You can send as many emails as you like!

Now a round up of other Futurama news:
  • Comedy Central continue their very cool sneak peaks at the new season.
  • recently did a large interview with David X Cohen about the new season where he revealed lots, including more guest stars: Chris Elliot, George Takei, Mark Mothersbaugh & Devo, Patton Oswalt(Hell yes!), the return of Coolio and the first appearance by Mr Cohen himself!
  • David also talks about the 'Futurama of Physics' here!
  • The charming Aimee Steinberger has posted on her blog about the episodes she'll be Assistant Directing this season. A nice mini-read and while you're there check out some of her own work!
  • Billy West appears on Adam Carolla's Podcast.
  • John DiMaggio talks about taking on the role of the Joker.

    Not long now guys and gals, remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and get chatting about the show on PEEL...
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