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Rebirth! And then some!

Ladies, gentlemen, and smizmars,

Futurama is about to be reborn today. After its long absence from TV (with four DVD movies in between), Comedy Central shows the first two new episodes of Futurama at 10pm (9c) tonight!

The old voices are back, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen are responsible for the production again, and the Professor is back at inventing dangerously spectacular devices in the episode aptly called "Rebirth".

Right after Rebirth, the Zapper makes his return in the second episode called "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela". The preview picture on the right promises lots of innuendo as he meets his imagined seductress Leela, who doesn't look a yahren older!

Bored waiting for the episodes? Watch a 7-minute recap of Futurama to get back into it. (Or just read through your old Futurama notebooks. You took notes, right?)

(Please no spoiling the plot in the comments and no links / hints to links. The review forms will go live after the episodes aired on TV.)
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