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Futurama Articles

published Title
09/21/2011 CGEF Exclusive: Interview with Peter Avanzino on 'Reincarnation'
06/22/2011 CGEF Exclusive: Interview with Claudia Katz & Peter Avanzino
12/08/2010 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama "Volume 5" DVD Contest
07/23/2010 CGEF Exclusive: Interview with Eric Rogers
02/02/2009 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama "Into the Wild Green Yonder" DVD Review
09/27/2008 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama "Bender's Game" DVD Review
01/08/2008 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama at Comic Con 2008 (Report)
06/07/2008 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama "The Beast with a Billion Backs" DVD Review
11/25/2007 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama "Bender's Big Score" DVD Review
11/06/2007 CGEF Exclusive: Interview with David X. Cohen about Bender's Big Score
11/01/2007 CGEF Contest: Futurama "Bender's Big Score" DVD Contest
08/01/2007 Information on the Four new Futurama DVDs
08/01/2005 CGEF Contest: Futurama Monster Robot Maniac Fun Contest
06/06/2005 CGEF Review: Futurama Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection DVD
07/31/2004 CGEF Contest: Futurama DVD Season 4 Contest
02/22/2004 CGEF Contest: Futurama DVD Season 3 Contest
01/26/2004 CGEF Feature: Futurama Comic Drawing Contest
11/30/2003 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama DVD Season 4 Review
10/30/2003 Futurama πk - Mathematics in the Year 3000
08/14/2003 Cinescape: 10 questions with FUTURAMA's funnyman: part 1 | part 2
08/14/2003 TVGuide: Futurama Makes a Comeback!
08/08/2003 Calgary Sun: Futurama is History
08/08/2003 IGN: An Interview with David X. Cohen
07/27/2003 AP: Futurama may be ending, but its past is prelude to a funny future
07/22/2003 CGEF Exclusive: Espousing a Future for Futurama by Alexandra R.
07/21/2003 CGEF Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con 2003: Futurama Panel v5.0
07/07/2003 IGN: An Interview with Mike Lazoo from CN
06/10/2003 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama DVD Season 3 Review
04/29/2003 CGEF Exclusive: Q&A With Norwegian TV2 (by Richard Heggland)
03/22/2003 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama DVD Season 1 Review
03/15/2003 CGEF Exclusive: Interview With Ken Keeler
03/10/2003 CGEF Contest: Win 5 Futurama DVD Sets (expired)
03/07/2003 IGN: Futurama game First Look
01/29/2003 CGEF Info: Futurama Season 3 DVD details
01/22/2003 Turner Press Release: Futurama/Adult Swim Ratings
11/10/2002 NY Times: Commuting the Pacific, Unseating 'The Simpsons'
11/08/2002 Interview with Bender's voice: Drawing to a Close? (external)
11/08/2002 Al Gore reprises role on 'Futurama' cartoon (external)
11/07/2002 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama DVD Season 2 Review
09/27/2002 Cinescape October 2002: Hot Sex in Futurama Season 5
09/25/2002 Do you want Fry with that? (Titan Release)
09/16/2002 CGEF Info: How to preorder Season 2 DVDs from
09/14/2002 CGEF Story: The 1939 World Fair featuring Futurama
08/16/2002 Futurama/Simpsons Crossover pictures thanks to Ian Boothby
08/07/2002 ComicCon 2002 report by Alex Franklin for CGEF
08/06/2002 Season 5 Spoiler: Less Than Hero by Alex Franklin for CGEF
07/29/2002 CGEF Info: Futurama Season 2 DVD details
06/22/2002 CGEF Info: How to make a scan (tutorial)
04/22/2002 CGEF Contest: Paley festival signed LA Weekly to help save Futurama (expired)
04/22/2002 William S. Paley Festival review by Priz
02/28/2002 CGEF Exclusive: Interview with Futurama Video Game producer A. Hejdenberg
02/14/2002 War on Error: Cinescape interview with David X Cohen (external)
02/14/2002 War on Error: - top TV story (external)
02/13/2002 War on Error: Reuters (external)
02/13/2002 War on Error: Animation Magazine - top story of the day (external)
02/13/2002 War on Error: - top story of the day (external)
02/12/2002 War on Error: Slashdot reports - 500+ comments (external)
02/12/2002 War on Error: Ain't it cool news (external)
01/28/2002 CGEF Exclusive: Futurama Season 1 DVD Review (superceded)
01/05/2002 David X. Cohen AIM interview by Greg Perret
12/08/2001 Fox/Futurama charity auction (external link)
12/10/2001 interview with David X Cohen (external link)
12/03/2001 CGEF Exclusive: Interview with David X Cohen
11/26/2001 Season 4 Spoilers
11/26/2001 David X Cohen about Season 4
06/20/2001 CGEF Exclusive: Scott Vanzo about 3D animation in Futurama
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