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Q&A for upcoming Futurama Video game

Interview of Futurama Video Game producer Anders Hejdenberg (By Jon)

<Jon> First off, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for CGEF!
<Anders> It beats typing up the minutes from my last meeting, which I'm actually supposed to do right now.

Question: Which gaming consoles are you planning on releasing Futurama video game titles for? I heard there’ll be a PS2/X-Box and a GameBoy Advance game, is this true? And will there be any titles for the PC or GameCube?
Answer: The game will be for PS2, X-Box and Gamecube.

Q: I’ve heard that the PS2 game is going to be first person action adventure. Does this mean it will be like Banjo Kazooie or Tomb Raider, or more like a first person shooter such as Perfect Dark or Red Faction?
A: The game is so unique in its gameplay that I wouldn't want to label it under any commonly know label, although I guess you could call it a third person action adventure.

Q: Will players be able to choose from our favorite characters like Leela, Fry, Bender, and Zoidberg?
A: Of, course! Throughout the game, you will be able to play as Fry, Bender, Leela and Dr. Z. Each of which will have their own unique abilities,
strengths and weaknesses.

Q: What will the main plots of these games be? Can you give us hints regarding the stories?
A: I could say that the story involves Mom, her three sons and time travel, but it would all be rumours and hearsay.

Q: Do you plan on making cut scenes for the games? If so, will they be animated in the way they are produced for television, or will they be 3D animated? For example, the cut scenes in ‘Simpsons road rage’ were 3D instead of 2D.
A: The cut-scenes will be in 3D in order to fit together with the game.

Q: Will you be taking advantage of online Multiplayer features in the PS2, X-Box, or the PC?
A: Futurama will be single player only.

Q: Do you have any release dates set yet?
A: Yes, the game will be out for Xmas 2002.

Q: Are there any video clips or pictures of the game you can provide yet?
A: We haven't released any material publicly at this point no, although we will do so very soon.

Q: Are you planning on releasing any public demo’s or Bata tests of the game? Or is there anyway I could get my hands on a copy? ;-)
A: Public demos possibly in the future but not at the moment. Beta test versions of the game, no. Our in-house QA department will take care of all
the testing.

Q: Sadly, Futurama has been cancelled. Will this affect the games at all?
A: No, not in the slightest!

Newly added questions

Q: Just recently there was a press release at UDS’s website stating that the Futurama video will NOT be released in North America, what exactly does this mean? That I will have to buy an imported version of the Futurama video game to play it at all?
A: The Futurama video game will be released in North America by Fox Interactive.

Q: There were rumors that there is going to be a GameBoy Advanced Futurama video game, is this true? And if so, what will the title be?
A: This is not true. There will be no GBA version of the game.

Q: Also, do you know what the title of the PS2/X-box/GameCube Futurama video game will be yet?
A: There is no official title for the game at this point.

<Jon> Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!
<Anders> No problem!


For more information regarding this video game, click on over to the video game section.


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