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Thanks to Greg from for letting CGEF use this transcript!

I found David X Cohen AOL nickname on (David X Cohen is the executive producer of Futurama) and immediatly added him to my contact list.

I sent him a little message :

"Hi, are you the real David X Cohen ? Because I really enjoy your work and Futurama is an absolutly fabulous show"

A few seconds later, He answerd me. I was really excited so do not care about the stupid stuffs I may have said, I just wanted to share our little chat with you ;)

And excuse me for the poor english I may have used during the conversation...

Davidxcohen: Yes. All the other David X. Cohen's are fakes.
Davidxcohen: Thanks for the compliment, by the way!
Gperret: Because I am the webmaster of the french site and I represent Futurama in France !
Davidxcohen: Ah, cool.
How good or bad is the translation and dubbing?
Davidxcohen: I've heard that the german version is tres mal.
Gperret: There is different opinions about the translation. Personnaly, I really like it even if if I enjoy much more the original version
Gperret: But Futurama is HORRIBLY broadcasted in France
Davidxcohen: Is it on at a bad time?
What is the most recent episode you've seen?
Gperret: No Futurama aired since "FEBRUARY 22 2001" (bender get made)
And There will be no Futurama untile MARS 2002
Gperret: A complete season is broadcasted in less than a month
Gperret: 1 episode a day :o(
Davidxcohen: Wow. That is bad.
But, the good part is, you have about 46 new episodes waiting for you (so far).
Gperret: Yes, You're right ;-)

I have translated a lot of your interview, I'm one of your first French fan (if you're the real David X Cohen of course, but I like thinking that you're not a fake)
Davidxcohen: Is it on satellite TV, or broadcast?
Gperret: It is on a network, this is the good point
Davidxcohen: Here in the U.S., we are on at a very bad time -- 7 PM (19:00) on Sunday... too early for most people.
Gperret: In France, (when it is broadcasted), it is at 18H30 - 6h30 pm
Gperret: I would really enjoy 8h00 pm :o(
Davidxcohen: Did you notice our joke in the very first episode about the French language disappearing? (The joke may have been lost in the translation.)
Davidxcohen: I hope nobody was too offended.
Gperret: It is translated by "german" ;o)))
Davidxcohen: ??? Sorry... I don't understand what you mean.
Gperret: In the french version of futurama, The dead language is german, not french ;-)
Davidxcohen: Oh, they replaced "neuf" with German for 9?
Davidxcohen: Very clever.
Gperret: That's the same in "A big piece of garbage" when Farnsworth doesn't understand the word "bonjour" in the original version, in the french version it is "gutten tag" (I don't know if I am speaking clearly ^^)
Davidxcohen: Now I understand... I was just a little slow.
Gperret: Ok, no problemo :-)
And are you never in business with the French people who care about futurama ?
Gperret: I mean, About the brodcast, the translation etc...
Davidxcohen: No, we work very very hard just to make the English version. The rest of the world is beyond our control.

Gperret: Ok, I think this is probably a problem because you could do a really excellent work in France :-)

I personnaly know the french FRY and french LEELA, really nice people :-)
Davidxcohen: If I hear there is a problem, I'll forward it along to FOX, but they probably won't change anything... I'm sure they do all the translating and dubbing as cheaply as possible.
Davidxcohen: "French Fry". I like that.
Gperret: LOL
And were you in france for the auditions to find the french voices at the begining of the show ?
Davidxcohen: No. It really is true that the people who create the show here have absolutely nothing to do with the non-English versions. They never ask us about the meaning of any jokes or what anyone should sound like... and if they did, we might not have time to worry about it anyway!
Davidxcohen: We just have to hope it turns out okay.
Davidxcohen: Also, my French is very poor so I might not be of much use.
Davidxcohen: Are the DVDs available in France now? I think they have 5 languages on them. English, French, German, Spanish, and italian.
Davidxcohen: I'm logging off in a minute... but if you ever need any information for your web site, feel free to send questions by e-mail. If I'm busy, it might take a little while to get back to you, but I'll try.
Gperret: The DVD are gonna be released January the 28TH in england (there will be the french version)
Gperret: Ok, I understand, this is a shame but the french version is more than okay (not the broadcast)

I have to say that you are really really nice to answerd my questions and I feel very happy about our conversation.

Davidxcohen: Thanks again. Comment vous appellez-vous? (Did I get that right?)
Gperret: Grégory PERRET :-)
Davidxcohen: Okay.
Gperret: Oui c'est exactement ça

a bientôt ! à bien d'oh !

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