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Futurama Episode Capsule

[1ACV02] The Series Has Landed

Futurama Capsules are meant as complete guidelines for the episodes. These documents are produced by Futurama fans for Futurama fans. Feel free to contribute if you see missing things in any of the capsules.
Not yet approved submissions are shown in italics.
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General Episode Data
Title: The Series Has Landed
First aired: 04/04/99
Production Code: 1ACV02
Written by Ken Keeler
Directed by Peter Avanzino
Opening theme promotion: IN HYPNO-VISION
Opening theme cartoon: "Baby Bottleneck" {DA}

After delivering a package to an amusement park on the moon, Fry shows Leela how to appreciate the celestial body. Meanwhile Bender finds a little robot romance with a farmer's daughters, which puts the whole crew in jeopardy.

Voice Credits
  • Billy West (Fry, Farnsworth, "PE" narrator, Dr. Zoidberg, Farmer)
  • Katey Sagal (Leela)
  • John DiMaggio (Bender, Sal)
Guest Starring
  • Ress MacNeille (Craterface, Gopher 1, Lulubell 7, Daisy May 128K)
  • Lauren Tom (Amy Wong)
  • Phil Lamarr (Hermes, Gopher 2)
  • Maurice LaMarche (H.G. Blob, "Destination Moon" narrator, Crushinator)

Did You Notice...
  • that Nike supplies the moon boots for the park? Quite plausible, since the "swoop" is already everywhere on earth... {AH}
  • how it's the 30th century and still people are lazy? Also the clothing 1000 years from now is not that different. {DT}
  • Bender has a few loose nuts and bolts. {DH}
  • Bender's diamond-shaped pupils? {DH}
  • Bender's obsession with hookers? {DH}
  • Luna Park patrol carry guns. {DH}
  • how Fry luckily manages to walk by the only window port that overlooks the moon? {DH}
  • how Fry's pitcher of milk is shaped like a nuclear cooling tower? {DH}
  • how Leela is right-handed? (Many of Groening's characters are lefties) {DH}
  • how tiny Prof. Farnsworth's VCR++ cassette was? {DH}
  • one of the park rides missing a car? {DH}
  • that Admiral Crunch isn't drawn in the Groening style? {DH}
  • that Bender looks quite bored during take-off? {DH}
  • that Dr. Zoidberg's chart of the human body is upside down? {DH}
  • that the redneck farmer's spacesuit has suspenders? {DH}
  • that the redneck's spacesuit has patches? {DH}
  • the "gas pump" beside the drinking fountain? {DH}
  • the crater-shaped trashcan? {DH}
  • the sucking sound as Bender walks? {DH}
  • those coin-operated prize machines could accept $100 in real life? {DH}
  • Bender is always out of breath when he runs? {DS}
  • Bender's claw hand looks like the game's claw hand; both even have difficulty picking up things? {DS}
  • Dr. Zoidberg told Fry he was "healthy as a crab" = "fit as a crab" = "fit as a fiddle" = "fit as a fiddler crab." {DS}
  • that Crushinator robot speaks like the cop robot -- the mouth piece lights up as it says words? {DS}
  • that the Planet Express ship is started with old-fashioned keys? {DS}
  • that the sign says "Sorry We're Closed" and "Sorry We're Open"? {DS}
  • the lazy receiving guy (Sal) using a robot arm on his belt? {DS}
  • those giant menacing bugs were very still and well behaved? {DS}
  • 128K is a reference to computer memory? {HL}
  • that the eggs were from the giant birds from the commercial? {HL}
  • how one package in the receiving department is turned upside-down? {JK}
  • the Stars and Bars design on the escape lunar rover? {JK}
  • there was also a stuffed Kermit toy in the Stuffed Toy Machine? {JH}
  • Stars & Bars on lunar rover had 17 stars? {MP}
  • that a whaler is chasing a woman? (Disney changed that a couple of years ago for PC reasons. Now at Disney, the animatronic ladies hold platters of food.) {MP}
  • the robot who went to highschool with Bender plays a drunkard (somewhat like Bender)? {MP}
  • how the moon farmer wears his cap on top of his space helmet? {PB}
  • not just mutated aphids: mutated -Holstein- aphids? {PB}
  • that Leela probably learned the words to the Whaling Song from the previous show, it being a "catchy tune"? {PB}
  • the Gophers coming out of holes that look like craters? {PB}
  • Bender stole Amy's money, but she still has some to play the claw game with. Guess he forgot to raid the change pocket. (Or it would've made too much noise.)
  • From what we see of Amy's wallet, she has the "new" dollar bills? The peoples' faces are off-center.
  • a kid with a helmet shaped like the moon?
  • a man in line wearing a shirt that says "MOON U."?
  • a slow rendition of the theme song plays as Fry and Leela watch the Crescent Earth?
  • that Leela wasted a lot of oxygen when she freed herself with the pump? She didn't need to go nearly that high.
  • that Prof. Farnsworth is crazy to use such a tiny egg-beater for those giant bird-eggs?
  • that after telling Fry that everything will be alright, Farnsworth gives a rather unsettling hesitation on his way out?
  • that one of the Goophy Gophers is missing an eye?
  • that the farmer's tractor-like vehicle was parked outside the barn the whole time before we saw him use it?
  • that the security gate outside the Planet Express office looks just like those in the 20th century, but simply vaporize when unlocked?
  • that there are bales of hay sitting on the _ceiling_ in the barn?
  • the irony that their whole mission was to ship the 'claw game' prizes to the park, but Amy ended taking nearly all of them back home?
  • the similar controls in the 'claw' game and the Planet Express ship also showing up by the giant magnet that 'stole' their keys? I guess Amy's skills improved as the episode progressed.

External references
  • A Trip to the Moon (movie)
    • Craterface, after failing to confiscate Bender's alcohol, gets the bottle shoved into his right eye. The image of his face is a reference to a scene in this movie, in which a rocket ship collides into the 'eye' of the man in the moon. It was done by French filmmaker Georges Melies, who was one of the pioneers of Surrealist cinema. He was inspired by the science-fiction works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. (FYI, the Surrealists were a group of artists in the 1920s who based their work on dreamy and hallucinogenic images. Members included Max Ernst, Andre Breton, and Salvador Dali.) {JK*}
  • Alvin & the Chipmunks (TV show)
    • One gopher like Simon with glasses and mortarboard. {MP}
  • Apollo 11
    • When Apollo 11 first landed, the phrase "The eagle has landed" was used. The title ("The Series Has Landed") is a play on that.
  • Captain Crunch (cereal)
    • Admiral Crunch {JK}
  • Centipede (video game)
    • Third arcade game at the Luna Park arcade. {JK}
  • Count Chochula (cereal)
    • Archduke Chocula. {JK}
  • Dark Side of the Moon (music album)
    • This 1973 album by Pink Floyd is mentioned, as Fry literally encounters the 'dark side of the moon {DS}
  • Deliverance (movie)
    • Hillbillies. {HL}
  • Destination Moon (movie)
    • The place where Leela and Fry rent a rover, "Destination Moon," is the title of a 50's movie about a trip to the moon. {SV}
  • Disneyland (theme park)
    • Pretty much the entire Luna Park area. {JK}
  • Federal Express
    • Planet Express commercial {DS}
  • Inspector Gadget (TV series)
    • After watching an episode of Inspector Gadget the television series, it seems that how Leela propelled Fry and herself out of the crater using the oxygen from their tank is very similar to how Brain pulled Gadget back to a space station while in space using the exact same method. {JTC}
    • Bender's arm stretching out reminds of the way Inspector Gadget's arms expanded and contracted.
  • Liberty Bell 7
    • Robot daughter Lulu Bell 7's name is reminiscent of the Mercury capsule which V. Grissom used for the 2nd manned suborbital space flight. {MP}
  • Life In Hell (comic)
    • The Bunny wabbits from Matt Groening's comic strip {HL}
  • Little Hot Riding Hood (cartoon)
    • Lulu Bell 7 looks like the "country" Red Riding Hood from Tex Avery's "Little Hot Riding Hood." {JJB}
  • MTV (TV station)
    • Fry marvels at "the flag from MTV."
  • Moon Patrol (video game)
    • The Moon Patrol is what throws Bender out of the park. It was the name of a popular arcade game in the 80s. {PB}
  • Mortal Kombat (video game)
    • Mortal Kooperation. {JK}
  • Mouse on the Moon (movie)
    • Fry driving into crater - rover sinks. {MP}
  • Nike
    • "The swoosh" on the bottom of Fry's boot. {DS}
  • Pac-Man (video game)
    • Gender Neutral Pac Person. {JK}
  • She'll be Coming Around the Mountain (song)
    • This traditional song is sung by Bender. {DS}
  • Sleeper (movie)
    • Scene of the dismembered robot heads in this movie by Woody Allen. {HL}
  • Star Trek (movies/TV series)
    • When we see that Captain Crunch is promoted to Admiral, and in Star Trek (most noticably "The Next Generation") whenever we take a look into the 'future' the Captains are always Admirals. {MF}
  • The Delphi Bureau (TV movie)
    • Hillbilly chased Bender in harvester. {MP}
  • The Honeymooners
    • The star characters from this 50's TV show are immortalized in Luna Park's educational lunar rover ride.
  • The Jetsons (TV series)
    • The Crushinator looks like one of the robot football players from The Jetsons. (Plus she's a Transformer.) {JJB}

Futurama references
  • 1ACV01 - Space Pilot 3000
    • Farnsworth: "...But I am already in my pajamas." {JB}
    • Bender interrupts a 'moment' between Fry and Leela

Freeze Frame Fun
Luna Park signs
    Whalers of
    the Sea of
    Orlon Candy
Luna Park merchandise
 - T-shirts
    I'M WITH
     ON THE
 - Bumper stickers
    My other car is a porsche-
      O N   T H E   M O O N!
 - Refrigerator magnets
    What part of
     don't you
Luna Park arcade games
    PAC  -  PERSON
The redneck farmer's hat  {dh}
Plaque inside the Lunar Lander
    Lander returned
    to this site by the
    Historical Sticklers
>> Alien Language #1 sightings
    Awning in Luna Park:  "TASTY HUMAN BURGERS"

Animation, continuity, and other goofs...
  • The Planet Express' delivery boy from the commercial wears an astronaut suit with oxygen mask; why, if Evans is on the same planet and does breathe its atmosphere without any problem? {LP}
  • Hermes hands Leela a paper with a pen on its top. The camera angle changes, and the pen is at the right of the paper. {LP}
  • When Fry and Farnsworth are outside Zoidberg's office, Fry is way too tall. {LP}
  • After Zoidberg says "Excellent, excellent", he picks up something that looks like a little drill. But then he asks Fry to open his mouth so he can look at his brain, and the drill dissapears and doesn't appear in the rest of the scene. {LP}
  • While Farnsworth is trying to remove Bender's head, Leela's left boot is only a black silhouette. {LP}
  • When Bender says "a little" to Amy, the space around his eyes is not painted black. {LP}
  • Bender's beer bottle disappears from table while Fry talks about his breakfast. {DH}
  • Leela pulls the Archduke Chocula out of thin-air. (Must be one of those magical cereal boxes.) {DH}
  • Redneck Farmer "magically" puts on a space suit while chasing Bender. {DH}
  • The interior of the rocket ship changes shape during take-off. Amy and Bender were seated on a couch, which disappears later on, along with both of them. {DH}
  • Bender's head is unscrewed counter-clockwise. Later (seen in the background) when he is securing it to his torso, the movement is also counter-clockwise. {MP}
  • Standard nitpick: The moon has no atmosphere so sound can't travel. {HL}
  • Fry walks magically through his oxygen tube when he declares "It's every man for himself!" the second time.
  • Fry's oxygen tube disappears when Leela yells to him from insides the lunar lander.
  • The shadows on the ground should be a _lot_ longer that close to the dark side of the moon.
  • U.S. flag vanishes from landing site when Amy rescues the gang. {DH}
  • When Fry says "that's one small step for Fry...", he puts one foot on the surface and keeps the other on the stairs. The camera angle changes, and he's standing about 20 cm from the stairs. {LP}
  • How come the heads in the museum couldn't tell the people how we first landed on the moon? With all the technology in the world, how could they not be able to find something as standout-ish as the moon landing site? It took Fry and Leela barely a day to find it, and they were travelling on foot. {JL}
  • Any comments as to the the existence, condition or completeness of the moon landing site as Fry and Leela discovered it are to be called off, because a plaque on the inside reads "Lander Returned to this Site by the Historical Sticklers Society." For once, the writers pick up on this sort of thing before us nerds do! IMO, this makes the sudden disappearance of the original moon landing site all the more unbelievable.

Comments and other Observations...
  • Assuming they didn't skip any years, Professor Farnsworth's commercial will air during either Super Bowl MMXXXIV or Super Bowl MMXXXV. The first episode took place about a month before that year's Super Bowl should have taken place, so we don't know if that month has passed yet or not. (But for all we know, the next millennium's Super Bowls could be played biannually during the summer!)
  • Luna Park is a popular name for amusement parks around the world. It is a particularly popular name for parks in Europe. {GW}
  • The invisible dog leash is a popular novelty today. I've seen clowns walking around with it as a visual gag. {PB}
  • I could have sworn that in Luna Park there was a door with a little "33" to the right of this. If this is so, this refers to Club 33 at Disneyland, the only place in the park where alcohol is served. {RXS}
  • Also, the "Orlon Candy" stand ... orlon being a synthetic fiber resembling cotton. And this is immediately followed by Fry griping about how artificial everthing is. {CH}
  • Wondering who has to drink that moon bug milk... {DS}
  • When MTV launched in the early 1980s, it's launch began with a rocket launching and an astronaut putting a flag with the MTV logo on the moon. To this day, that symbol is still used as the trophy given out by the network for the best music videos of the year. {JK}
  • Regarding Bender's line "Next Year in Jerusalem!": Since Bender wants to go to Jerusalem to visit the Sexateria, "next year in Jerusalem!" is also said after the Jewish traditional Passover meal (this airing during the week of Passover), signifying that next year, we'll do this in Jerusalem, but people rarely go there the next year. {MF}
  • Regarding Daisy May 1-28K: this is probably spelled "128K" without the hyphen, as 128K means 128 kilobytes, which is 1 followed by 17 0's in binary, or more simply 2 to the 17th (2 to the anything is common when working with computers). {MF}
  • Daisy May 128K could also be a reference to Apple's first Mac, the Macintosh 128K {M}
  • I am almost positive that Amy Wong screamed 'Jaam-an-a-how' and something else ... (I have absolutely no idea how to spell that) when she was frustrated with the toy grabber thing ... which is the equivalent to F-you in Chinese. Sure as hell sounded like it at least. Anyone else notice that, or if I am wrong, know what she really did say? {AB}
  • According to the show's producers (and the DVDs), a scene in an early version of the episode had the Crushinator idicate to her father that she is pregnant with Bender's child.
  • Bender sounded EXACTLY like my old 8086's hard drive crashing when Fry stuck a magnet on his head. Click, whirr, smoke comes out of the case... {JB*}
  • Monsanto is a real-life company which, here in 1999, specializes in genetically engineering vegetables and/or grains for consumer use. I'm not sure what they have to do with animatronic gophers, but complaints directed at them are nothing new. Bioengineering tends to get a bad rap, and some nicknames for Monsanto are "Monsatan" and "Mutanto."
  • Did anyone else recognize the emblems on Fry and Leela's spacesuits as being identical to the emblems on old Lego astronaut figures? In recent years they've been making more intricately decorated spaceman figures, but in the olden days they all had the same gold planet and rocket orbit logo. At least, that's what it looked like to me. {ART}
  • The original Mercury 7 astronauts were allowed to name their own capsules. They agreed to end each name with the number 7. Gus Grissom named his "Liberty Bell 7." This is the capsule that was recently raised from the ocean. {LF}
  • Apparently, between 1ACV01 and 1ACV02, someone corrected Fry, because he says "A thousand years ago, I dreamed of the moon ... " or something like that. The point is that he no longer believes that a million years passed, as he stated in the pilot. {PdM}

{AB} Anne Bach
{AH} Aaron Howald
{ART} Aaron R. Teitlebaum
{CH} Clay Halliway
{DA} Dale Abersold
{DH} Dave Hall
{DS} Dave Sweatt
{DT} Daniel Tropea
{GW} Gary Wilson
{HL} Haynes Lee
{JB} Jesse Barboza
{JB*} Jason Barrera
{JH} John Hutton
{JJB} J. John Bloch
{JK} Joe Klemm
{JK*} Jennifer Kremer
{JL} Joe Lorraine
{JTC} Justin Thomas Cass
{LF} Larry Finkelstein
{LP} Leandro Pardini
{M} Max
{MF} Mitch Fishman
{MP} Mark Poyser
{PB} Paul Brinkley
{PdM} Pablo del Moral
{RXS} Robert X. Smith
{SV} Steve VanDevender

Original Capsule Author: Futurama Chronicles, compiled by Jordan Eisenberg


Legal notice: "Futurama" TM and copyright FOX, its related entities and the Curiosity Company. All rights reserved. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is expressly prohibited. Disclaimer: As a fan page, this web site and its content are not authorized by FOX.