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Futurama Comics #3
(New Version 3.0!)
The Owner Of Mars ATTACKS!

Plot: While at a Flee-Market, Amy’s mother, Inez Wong, introducing Leela into the collecting of Needy Newbie. Inez Wong has almost the whole collection, which is worth a lot of money. She only needs two more but Leela finds out that once the whole collection of Needy Newbie’s are together they will take over the world. Leela must buy those Needy Newbie’s before Inez Wong gets a hold of them!
More spoilers at the end of the page!
  • p.2 panel 1 - If you look at the top part, to the right of where the autographs are being signed, it looks like the person is selling bending unit parts.
  • p.4 panel 1 - On the left, it looks like one of Dr. Zoidberg’s people
  • p.4 panel 4 - On the left of Bender, it looks like the Hamblagur Cop (not sure if I’m right but it looks familiar)
  • p.4 panel 7 - Some of the stuff Randy (shop guy) is selling is a ripped up Pikachu, Duck Dodgers and the 20th Century item, a Cartman, and a movie of Zapp and Leela.
  • p.5 panel 1 - Could this be Einstein’s relative?
  • p.5 panel 2 - If you look at the ladies shirt, it has the initials of New New York
  • p.5 panel 3 - It shows that the Needy Newbie’s are made by Funsbro.
  • p.7 panel 2 - at the "ranch" you can see flying cows, a horse, some kangaroo and those cow beatles
  • p.7 panel 2-3 - You can see in both panels the taxi having C-67. Any significant value?
  • p.12 panel 6-7 - If you look at Randy’s shirt, it is the title of TLC’s cd. Crazy, Sexy, Cool
  • p.14 panel 6 - Leela is surfing a the site Mom’s Server Network (MSN) A parody of Microsoft’s MSN site. She is surfing for Needy Newbies and it found 1,748,??? matches.
  • p.15 panel 6 - If you look bottom center, then about an inch up, it looks like the NASA space shuttle.
  • p.16 panel 1 - The hippies are selling a Snoopy poster.
  • p.16 panel 3 - If you look at the top left sign, it has Alien Alphabet in it. It seems like the artists have a computer font for it because it seems off centered.
  • p.17 panel 3 - Bender and Randy are selling Dr. Zoidberg’s medical supplies and shedded skin; Fry’s clothes; Hermes hair; Fransworth’s Doomsday device; and the Planet Express’ ship parts.
  • p.17 panel 3 - If you look on the left, an alien from the Poppler’s episode just bought a Bart Simpson doll
  • p.17 panel 5 - Bender is selling one of his records he made. Why Humans Suck: A Philosophical Essay.
  • p.19 panel 6 - The Needy Newbie’s are destroying Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and two other places.
  • p.20 panel 3 - If you look on the right, you can see how road rage was treated. By firing missiles at the person you hate.
  • p.21 panel 3 - If you look on most of the gravestones you can see some Alien Alphabet. On the gravestone on the right, the top part has to say RIP.
  • p.23 panel 1 - The blood samples Dr. Zoidberg had lying around were of Hermes, Professor, Leela and I’m guessing the rest of the crew.
  • p.23 panel 6 - The car on the right has the license plate: CABBY

  • p.4 panel 2 - Notice where some of the items are in this panel. Then in panel 3 stuff are either added, removed or changed places.
  • p.7 panel 2 - You can see a top view of the porches floor. Notice that it is gray (cement). Now in panel 4, the floor is magically wood.
  • p.10 & 11 - Throughout the whole two pages, people keep on changing seats with one another. In some panels, they are beside someone, and in another, that person may be 3 seats away from them. Musical chairs?
  • p.14 panel 7 - The steam from the coffee is coming from Fry’s stomach or something, not the coffee cup.
  • p.15 panel 2 - When Fry is picked up by the hands, they come out of a place with a gray dashboard over it. Then when it is let down, it turns green. Is it the lighting?

  • p.3 panel 1 - In this panel, Amy says that she would never be caught hanging out with these people in the Flea Market. Yet in the next panel, people that she knew are in the Flea Market.
  • p.3 panel 4 - The man is selling a Tommy Hilfiger shirt for $10 that has blood on it and Fry thinks that’s a ripoff. He says that this is a fake Tommy shirt and that he won’t pay more than $9 for it.
  • p.6 panel 1 - The lady was going to sell a Needy Newbie for $250 but then suddenly the dumb Mrs. Wong said she would buy it for $1000.
  • p.6 panel 1 - Mrs. Wong says she will buy the Needy Newbie for $1000 but pays her $1500, as shown in panel 3.
  • p.12 panel 2 - Fransworth tells the crew that they are delivering something to Colgate 7, the toothbrush capitol of the universe. When Colgate is a real toothbrush company.
  • p.16 panel 1 - The hippie shopkeepers skin is in the color of shirts that hippies used to wear.
  • p.25 panel 3 - Amy’s mom says she is going to take up collecting grandchildren and tells Amy to get ready to get a man, and get started. If you have been watching Futurama since the start, you would know that Amy’s parents are always looking for a man for Amy.

  • What the signs said on page 1: "All My Circuits" star Calulon Here Today!; Free Admission for Children Under 5 and Robots with Less than 32MB Memory!; Galactic Farmers Market and Swap Meet; Buy Friendly; Booth 19 Rocks!; Karaoke Contest Daily!; Cash and Stock Option Prizes!; Mom.
  • Names of a few Needy Newbies: Wendy the Warmuff; Karl the Kruelon; Julia the Junewhip.

  • Fry
  • Bender
  • Leela
  • Prof. Fransworth
  • Hermes Conrad
  • Dr. Zoidberg
  • Amy Wong
  • Nibbler
  • An old pioneer couple
  • Around 50 aliens and human beings *
  • Blurnsball mascot
  • 3 of Amy’s ex-boyfriends
  • Randy (Benders new friend)
  • Albert Einstein look-alike
  • Leo Wong
  • Inez Wong
  • Hattie
  • 4 Needy Newbie scientists
  • Dr. Runefield
  • At least 8 Vampires
* Due to the high number of aliens and human beings to count, I have estimated this.


Script - Eric Rogers
Pencils - James Lloyd
Plot/Edits - Bill Morrison
Inks - Steve Steere, Jr.
Letters - Chris Ungar
Colors - (Colorbot 3000)
- Serban Cristescu
- Nathan Kane
- Christopher Ungar
- Art Villanueva
Art Supervision - Nathan Kane
Created by - Matt Groening

Publisher - Matt Groening
Art Director/Editor - Bill Morrison
Managing Editor - Terry Delegeane
Operations - Robert Zaugh
Assistant Art Director - Nathan Kane
Production Manager - Christopher Ungar
Production/Design - Karen Bates, Art Villanueva
Production Assistants - Jason Ho, Mike Rote
Editorial Assistant - Eric Rogers
Administration - Sherri Smith
Futurama logos Designed by - Mili Smythe

If there is anything you would like the add or you have noticed a mistake please contact me at and you will get credit. By the way, Futurama Comics is printed 6 times a year at a low low cost of $2.50 ($3.50 CAN)


The Planet Express Crew spend the day visiting the Flea Market. While looking around, Leela comes to this stand all about Needy Newbie. The owner explains how these animals are to be collected inside their original box and never opened until they have the whole set. Then, Amy’s mother, Inez, comes by wanting to buy one of them.
She introducing Leela into collecting them and invites her to one of the Needy Newbie Weekly Collectors Meeting. When there, Inez Wong displays her Needy Newbie collection to everyone. Being the most greatest collection in the whole galaxy, Inez only needs 2 more and the set will be complete. Leela and Inez end up fighting on who will get those last two first.
When Leela finally finds the first of the two Needy Newbies, she is bought out by Inez Wong. Now Inez only needs 1 more. Back at home, the Planet Express Crew discovers that if you leave two Needy Newbies alone together, they form together to make one. Fransworth hacked into the Needy Newbies brain to figure out why. When the whole set of them is together, they will become one big Needy Newbie and take over the world and destroy the human race.
Leela receives an e-mail from a person who has the last Needy Newbie that Inez is looking for. She quickly heads off to the planet but when she reaches the door, she sees Inez Wong. Leela tries to tell her what would happen if she bought them all but she won’t listen. Just then, the person trying to sell the Needy Newbie speaks up. He says that they are both too late and that he has already sold it. They all find out that it was Dr. Zoidberg, who bought in return for some blood, which he had laying around the Planet Express place.
Zoidberg drives everyone back to the Planet Express place to show Inez what happens if you keep the Needy Newbies together. She finally believes them and says she is going to start taking up collecting grandchildren.

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