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The Nibblonians are an ancient and powerful race whose mental abilities are only exceeded by their inherent cuteness. Nibblonians have been around at least since the dawn of the Universe, but most experts believe they have been around since a few months prior to the Big Bang.

Nibblonians are trioptic, with two eyes in standard binocular formation and the third located on a flexible stem protruding from the tops of their skulls. The third eye can be moved independently of the other two and has its own enveloping eyelid. Nibblonians have voracious appetites and have been known to devour more than twenty times their own weight in flesh. Although they prefer their meat fresh, they won't object to eating prepared foods and some filler. One ofthe most fascinating aspects of Nibblonian physiology is their metabolic process. By compacting all the waste formed by their massive intake into small, super-dense spheroids, Nibblonians manage to excrete Dark Matter. Although their physical selves are quite complex, it is the minds of Nibblonians that is truly interesting. Nibblonians are considered mentally superior to every species in the Universe with the exception of the Brain Spawn. It is the solemn and noble burden of the Nibblonians to protect the rest of their fellow life-forms from this evil, intelligence-hating menace.

The Nibblonian Nibbler lives on Earth in disguise as Leela's pet.

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