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iHawk is a human-sized blue robot presumably made by the Momcorp division Mom's Friendly Robot Company. He works for the DOOP army as a robot surgeon. During The Ball Conflict, he operates on wounded soldiers after Earth invades Spheron One. On one arm he has a 3 fingered, 1 thumbed hand, and on the other, he has a fixed martini glass which strangely doesn't restrict him from operating. On the left side of his torso is a switch that, when pulled, turns him from 'Irreverent' to 'Maudlin', usually after cracking an irreverent joke. He's very sarcastic, and likes winding Doctor Zoidberg up by insulting his abilities at surgery and stealing his jokes, which almost led to his demise when Zoidberg got a bit steamy about it. And crustaceans don't like steam. On Futurama he was voiced by Maurice LaMarche doing an Alan Alda impression.

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