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The Ball Conflict

The Ball Conflict
The Ball Conflict was a relatively short military engagement involving the inhabitants of the Ball homeworld and an Earth-led DOOP invasion force. Although it later proved to be a controversial decision, Earth President Richard Nixon's Head ordered that the initial assault would be made by some of the Army's newest recruits. Among them was Turunga Leela, a female Human who defied military law by serving in a combat position. The invasion force was under the command of Earth General and DOOP Captain 'Zappariah' Zapp Brannigan.

The fighting began in the remote region known to local inhabitants as the "Bouncing Plains," which was re-named "Bender wuz here" by the advancing Earth Army. Casualties on the first day of fighting were tremendous. Ball losses were estimated to be over 500 popped, 900 leaking, and 600 rolling in action. Nearly a quarter of the assault force was bounced to death, but a base of command was finally established by dawn the next day. The second day of fighting brought fewer losses to both sides, but left leadership on realizing that the conflict would soon become a battle of attrition. In a devious plan meant to destroy what they could not control, President Nixon's Head and General Zapp Brannigan secured a Fermi/Farnsworth Mark XVI Doomsday Device into the chest cavity of a battlefield-promoted, combat-injured robot named Bender Rodriguez. The bomb was calibrated to explode when its carrier uttered the word 'ass'. Lt. Rodriguez and Henry Kissinger were sent to a peace summit with the Brain Balls, the highly intelligent leaders of the Ball civilization, not knowing that the Nixon administration was planning on killing them all. The peace conference was interrupted by Private Philip Fry, a soldier who had earlier been demoted for cowardice. Unfortunately for the Balls, Bender used his newfound ability to destroy the planet to beat the Balls into submission.

The Balls left their ancient home almost immediately after the conference ended. They were last seen attempting to form a colony on the Block homeworld.

The Ball Conflict
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