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Philip J Fry was born in 1974. He suffered 3 heart attacks in high school after drinking 100 cans of Cola a week. After dropping out of Coney Island college he took three years off during which he continuously watched TV, knowing that someday it would help him save the world. He then got a job delivering pizzas for Panucci's Pizza during which, on December 31 1999, he got frozen while delivering a pizza to Applied Cryogenics. Leaving his two-timing girlfriend Michelle behind he woke up on December 31 2999.

Professor Farnsworth is his great (x30) nephew. In the 20th century he had one brother called Yancy Fry who missed Fry so much when he was frozen, presumed dead, that he named his son Philip to 'carry on the memory of his lost brother'.

Currently, Fry lives with Bender in the Robot Arms Appartments and enjoys watching TV and drinking Slurm. Although he had affairs with Amy before, the woman he is really into is Leela who acknowledges his feelings but won't return them.

In Futurama, his voice is done by Billy West.

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