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Slurm is the largest brand of carbonated beverage in the universe. Manufactured on the planet Wormulon, this refreshingly addictive product, is exported to virtually every planet known to man. Few people have been lucky enough to actually visit the Slurm manufacturing unit, but those who have describe it as a fairytale ride, except for the workers of the plant, known as Grunka Lunkas. Those guys are hideous.

Slurm is a green, almost flourescent, liquid that's usually bought in 33cl cans, although 150cl bottles are available, too. Slurm is highly addictive, but has so far not been conclusively linked to ailments.

Slurm was promoted by it's highly popular mascot, Slurms MacKenzie, until his tragic and fatal work-related accident in 3000.

In 3000 crackpot inventer Hubert J Farnsworth claimed Slurm came from the butt of a giant slug. Reactions were lighthearted condescending.

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