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Beck is perhaps one of the most engaging and well, weird, musical entertainers of both the 20th and the 30th Centuries. His vocal stylings remind many music critics of what would happen if you mixed up the voacls of white-boy hip-hop, funk, and a whole lot of bluesy-folk into a blender and hit frappe.. The Beck sound is classified by its unclassifiableness.

Almost as confusing as Beck's sound is his lyrics. Beck thinks real words often lack meaning, and he is known to make up completely random words and/or syllables when necessary. Some of Beck's inventive words: Odelay, Bzooty, Whiskyclone, Bizzness, Fuking, etc. Sometimes, even he forgets what he is singing about.

As of the year 2002, Beck has released 5 major albums, all widely loved in the 'vaguely-folkish alterna-rock' cirlces. "Mellow Gold" and "Odelay!" are expieremental CDs of, well, Beck. These also have been his two biggest albums (see appendix A). "Mutations", a CD quite popular with the mutant community under New New York, follows in more of a folk-rock styling, while "Midnite Vultures" is almost pure disco dancing. "Sea Change" is a different type of Beck - understandable and depressing.

Although his body died in the Great War of 2015, his head has been kept alive in a jar. Since 2015, Beck's new replacement body is a thrift store mannequin that he fished out of a 99 cent dumpster. Also equipped in his new body is a harmonica, which he gave to one of his star-struck fans - Bender Bending Rodriguiz.

Living inside a jar has caused Beck's head to go partially mad. He often barks to his 'minions' to do evil deeds that the musician cannot or will not do. Aside from that, he genuinely likes people and is involved in numerous charities.

Appendix A: Beck Songs Worth Checking Out.
Mellow Gold
"Loser" (his most famous)
"Pay No Mind"

"Where It's At"
"The New Pollution"
"Devil's Haircut"

"Bottle of Blues"
"Nobody's Fault, But My Own"

Midnite Vultures
"Sexx Laws"
"Mixed Bizzness"

Sea Change
"Lost Cause"
"The Golden Age"
"Guess I'm Feeling Fine"

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