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Tube Transport System

Tube Transport System
The currently primary mean of urban transportation in most major cities since traffic jams were the norm, and road rage related deaths reached new heights. Only city yet to build a Tube Transport System (TTS) is Los Angeles.

The Tube Transport System consist of a vast network of greenish transparent tubes connecting every part of the city. At regular intervals tubes interconnect ensuring multiple redundancy in the grid. Several major "hubs" spanning more than 100 yards serve as citywide transportation nodes. TTS exits are located on practically every street corner.

When a passenger enters the TTS he'll state his destination to the computer terminal. Routing computers then ensure the road is clear, and coordinate the trip with other travels. If the destination doesn't corespond with an existing tube exit the traveller will be directed to the exit nearest to his destination. After ensuring the route is clear, the ionization inducers are activated creating a lightly charged field around the traveller. Regular electromagnets then use the field to propel the traveller. The ionization field is harmeless to PC's, credit cards, pacemakers and other electronics.

The entire process is highly automated, and requires very little effort on behalf of the traveller. Powerfull computers supervise the entire process. These computers are located on the Tube Transport System hubs. Only exiting the TTS require action on behalf of the traveller. Usually the travel is done headfirst, and a small "reversing chamber" is located at each exit giving the traveller the chance to land on the feet. First time users are easily distinguished, as they haven't mastered this manoeuvre yet.

The Tube Transport System is free of charge and government funded.

Tube Transport System
  • is used in major cities of Earth
  • is introduced in 1ACV01

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