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Head in a Jar

Head in a Jar
The technology of cryogenics opened new doors for medical science, and one of these breakthroughs is to preserve the heads of long-deceased people. The disembodied heads reside in a jar full of an greenish-blue liquid substance. It is unclear how the heads breathe in it, but they seem to provide the life support for them. The heads are those of people that have lived full lives before, only to have them revived in this form. Most of the jars come complete with name labels of the people.

The most famous place to find these types of heads are in the Head Museum in New New York. Famous people who have appeared as heads in jars range from ancient politicians to 21st century celebrities. They help make real-people cameos possible in Futurama. The ubiquitous Richard Nixon's Head is one of the most famous, as he is Earth's current president.

Head in a Jar
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