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Futurama Episode Guide
Production Season 1

All of these 13 episodes have been released on DVD:
Futurama Season 1 DVD - 13 episodes

Airing: [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Season 8] [Season 9] [Season 10]
Production: [1ACV] [2ACV] [3ACV] [4ACV] [5ACV] [6ACV] [7ACV]

S01E01: Space Pilot 3000

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV01
Episode first aired 03/28/99

written by David X. Cohen, Matt Groening
directed by Rich Moore, Gregg Vanzo
User Rating: 86%

After an accidental cryogenic freezing, Fry awakens at the dawn of the year 3000. With the help of his two new friends, a degenerate robot named Bender and a beautiful one-eyed alien named Leela, Fry defies his life assignment as a delivery boy. He tracks down his great-great-great-etc. nephew, Professor Farnsworth, who hires the three to work for his intergalactic delivery service. It's a brave new world and Fry is in for the ride of his life.

    [550 Reviews]  [200 Frame Grabs]  [25 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]  [Capsule]

S01E02: The Series Has Landed

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV02
Episode first aired 04/04/99

written by Ken Keeler
directed by Peter Avanzino
User Rating: 80%

After delivering a package to an amusement park on the moon, Fry shows Leela how to appreciate the celestial body. Meanwhile Bender finds a little robot romance with a farmer's daughters, which puts the whole crew in jeopardy.

    [216 Reviews]  [199 Frame Grabs]  [32 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]  [Capsule]

S01E03: I, Roommate

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV03
Episode first aired 04/06/99

written by Eric Horsted
directed by Bret Haaland
User Rating: 88%

Fry is such a slob that he is forced to move out of the Planet Express offices. But friendship makes for strange bedfellows when he moves in with Bender and discovers the nuts and bolts of living with a robot.

    [233 Reviews]  [166 Frame Grabs]  [36 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]  [Capsule]

S01E04: Love's Labour's Lost In Space

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV04
Episode first aired 04/13/99

written by Brian Kelley
directed by Brian Sheesley
User Rating: 86%

While on a mission to save all the animals on a planet verging on collapse, Leela encounters Capt. Zapp Brannigan, a self-proclaimed ladies' man looking to add Leela to his list of conquests.

    [222 Reviews]  [223 Frame Grabs]  [31 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S01E05: Fear of a Bot Planet

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV05
Episode first aired 04/20/99

written by Heather Lombard, Evan Gore
directed by Ashley Lenz, Chris Sauve, Peter Avanzino, Carlos Baeza
User Rating: 80%

While delivering a package to a planet inhabited by robots, where humans are killed instantly, Bender becomes intoxicated with the robot lifestyle and must choose between becoming a celebrity of sorts or saving his friends' lives.

    [144 Reviews]  [187 Frame Grabs]  [25 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S01E06: A Fishful of Dollars

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV06
Episode first aired 04/27/99

written by Patric M. Verrone
directed by Ron Hugart, Gregg Vanzo
User Rating: 82%

Fry discovers he's a billionaire because his savings have been accruing interest for 1,000 years. Caught up in the excitement of his riches, he squanders his fortune to buy an unopened can of anchovies -- extinct since the year 2200. What he doesn't realize is that Mom, the head of a mega-conglomorate, will do anything -- even use Pamela Anderson's head-in-a-jar -- to get her hands on those anchovies.

    [160 Reviews]  [246 Frame Grabs]  [25 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S01E07: My Three Suns

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV07
Episode first aired 05/04/99

written by J. Stewart Burns
directed by Jeffrey Lynch, Kevin O'Brien
User Rating: 80%

The crew visits a planet inhabited by liquid aliens. Fry, after delivering a package under the scorching heat of the planet's three suns, finds a bottle of cool blue liquid to quench his thirst. But when that liquid turns out to be the civilization's ruler, Fry finds he has become the new leader. Initially drunk with power, he soon discovers his life is in danger and must turn to his friends to help him dry out.

    [163 Reviews]  [198 Frame Grabs]  [25 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S01E08: A Big Piece of Garbage

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV08
Episode first aired 05/11/99

written by Lewis Morton
directed by Susan Dietter
User Rating: 84%

While at a science symposium hosted by inventor extraordinaire Ron Popeil's head-in-a-jar, the Professor creates a new invention -- the Smelloscope. Initially criticized, the Smelloscope is redeemed when it reveals that a putrid celestial body is on a collision course with Earth. To make matters worse, the approaching object is a huge mass of garbage launched into space at the end of the 20th century, after New York ran out of landfill sites. The trashteroid's orbit has set it on a path of destruction and it just may take a rag-tag team of package delivery specialists to land on it and blow it up before it creates Armageddon on Earth.

    [130 Reviews]  [197 Frame Grabs]  [29 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S01E09: Hell Is Other Robots

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV09
Episode first aired 05/18/99

written by Eric Kaplan
directed by Rich Moore
User Rating: 90%

After a Beastie Boys Heads concert at Madison Cube Garden, Bender goes on a bender and gets hooked on power surges. His life begins a downward spiral until he finds salvation at the Temple of Robotology. Having found religion, his polite behavior becomes so irritating to his friends that they begin to tempt him with his old vices. When he finally succumbs and returns to his old ways, he is banished to Robot Hell where, in a musical extravaganza, he faces the Robot Devil and endures tortures unimaginable to man.

    [294 Reviews]  [224 Frame Grabs]  [20 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S02E01: A Flight To Remember

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV10
Episode first aired 09/26/99

written by Eric Horsted
directed by Peter Avanzino
User Rating: 89%

Professor Farnsworth books the crew of Planet Express on the maiden voyage of the largest, most luxurious space cruise ship ever ... the Titanic. This expedition turns into a "Love Boat" as Bender falls for a wealthy Countess robot and Fry swims with the sharks. When Zapp Brannigan takes a shortcut in space, however, it becomes a night to remember as the Titanic approaches a black hole.

    [195 Reviews]  [217 Frame Grabs]  [16 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S02E02: Mars University

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV11
Episode first aired 10/03/99

written by J. Stewart Burns
directed by Bret Haaland
User Rating: 76%

When Fry returns to college to prove he can be just as good of a dropout as he was in the Twentieth Century, Professor Farnsworth surprises him with a dorm roommate, a super-intelligent monkey. Meanwhile Bender, a legend of the robot fraternity Epsilon Rho Rho -- "ERR"-- leads a revenge of the robot nerds.

    [210 Reviews]  [211 Frame Grabs]  [14 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S02E03: When Aliens Attack

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV12
Episode first aired 11/07/99

written by Ken Keeler
directed by Brian Sheesley
User Rating: 88%

The Omicronians threaten to destroy the earth if they can't see the last episode of a lost 20th Century television series "Single Female Lawyer" starring an unmarried human female, who wears very short miniskirts, struggling to succeed in human man's world. Because the last episode was destroyed by someone spilling beer on the transmitter (think Fry), the crew from Planet Express must deliver their version of "Single Female Lawyer."

    [139 Reviews]  [201 Frame Grabs]  [17 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

S02E04: Fry & the Slurm Factory

Futurama Production Code: 1ACV13
Episode first aired 11/14/99

written by Lewis Morton
directed by Ron Hugart
User Rating: 91%

Fry opens a "Slurm" beverage container bearing the golden bottle cap and wins a tour of the "Slurm" Factory (a la "Willy Wonka") to see how the world's most deliciously addictive soft drink is made. Wandering off from the tour, Fry is horrified when he accidentally discovers the top-secret ingredient that makes "Slurm" so impossible to resist.

    [289 Reviews]  [204 Frame Grabs]  [13 Sounds]  [Trivia Quiz]

Airing: [Season 1] [Season 2] [Season 3] [Season 4] [Season 5] [Season 6] [Season 7] [Season 8] [Season 9] [Season 10]
Production: [1ACV] [2ACV] [3ACV] [4ACV] [5ACV] [6ACV] [7ACV]


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