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2ACV18 - The Honking

Smell-o-vision Users Insert Nostril Tubes Now

Written by Ken Keeler

Directed by Suzie Dietter


Billy West: Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg

Katey Sagal: Leela

John DiMaggio: Bender

Maurice LaMarche: Calculon

Phil LaMarr: Hermes

Lauren Tom: Amy

Length: 21:50

when hermes is handing out nail, the muted bender is playing an air guitar in the style of the late great jimi hendrix! (Ashley Black)

Thermostadt - Capital of the Robo-Hungarian Empire

Two of the gravestones read: 'BLIMPF - Hovermayor of Thermostadt 'I will rise again'' and THE RED LeBARON

Vladimir - 2790 - 3001 Efficient husband and father

Vladimir's box which he was buried in says 'Return to sender'

The will is read at: 'Prosecutron 900-B, Executor & Prosectutron 900-C SOLICITORS

First off, the Tandy was an early computer that was sort-of-compatible to the IBM PC. Also, "Euro Trash 80" is spelled "euro TRaSh 80", hinting at yet another oldie computer, the TRS-80 (Ulrich Schreitmueller)

Tandy has a shirt saying 'Euro Trash 80'

The picture with the moving eyes is of Commodore LXIV

The numbers Bender sees on the mirror are "1010011010", which is in binary fornat. translated in decimal numbers, it means '666' which is the number of the devil. (from Manu)

The windows logo and a toaster with wings (from the After Dark Screen saver)chase Bender down the corridor. (Robert Szarek)

when the windows-logo chases Bender, the Windows-startup-sound is heard (the second time, first time was at the scene with the 1010011010) (Frank Uebel)

While Bender explains where he was last night Amy takes a peek at the Mary Kay makeup kit

The two vandals run into 'The Squatterly'

Bender wakes up at 'Impound Lot 136 'The Happiest place on Earth'

The circus fortunes cost 5 cents

The fortune teller reads 'The Curse of the Were-car for windows 98

Were-car Bender has a bumper sticker saying 'If you can read this I ran you over'

Calculon has some 'Silver Pancake' and 'Iron Brush' makeup

The furnace in the factory says 'WARNING very, very, very, very, very hot'

The warehouse is called the 'Anti-Chrysler

The tracks in the mud aren't visible until Amy points them out

How did Bender get into the lift?

Where is Fry going after they weld him to the wall? He lives with Bender!

Calculon claims to have been all the great acting robots of history including David Duchovny but David Duchovny's head is clearly on display in the head musem in episode 1ACV01

When they first enter the warehouse the ramp isn't visible

Have I missed anything? email me

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