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3ACV19 - Roswell That Ends Well

Fun For All the Family - Except Grandma and Grandpa

Written by J. Stewart Burns

Directed by Rich Moore


Billy West: Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg and Enos

Katey Sagal: Leela

John DiMaggio: Bender

Maurice LaMarche: The Commander?

Tress MacNeille: Mildred

Length: 21:47

The Popcorn is called 'Iffy Pop'

The date they go to watch the Supernova is Sept 21 3002

One of the clocks they fly past and that ends up inside the ship is the cat clock from The Simpsons

The first paper they read on the ship has the headline 'Flying Saucer Captured'

The can that sprays on Fry's uniform is called 'All Purpose Spray'

Fry and Enos run on a piece of land with a sign outside saying 'Bombing Range - Formerly Minefield'

The scene when Zoidberg bangs up against the screen and sucks the food off is a parody of a scene from the film 'Independence Day'

The shop that Leela and Farnsworth visit is called 'Sears Roebuck' and has a sign saying 'Free Girdle with Purchase of Tractor'

Two of the shops in the mainstreet are called 'Fedoras for Boys' and 'Hard Croon Cafe'

Fry and Enos pass a shop called 'Gils Televisual Radios'

Mildred works at a place called 'Joe's Malts'

Alot of the scenes with Fry, Enos and Mildred are reminecent of the film 'Back to the Future'

There is a sign on the door saying 'Please-One Teen To a Malt'

The patch of land where Fry leaves Enos has a sign saying 'Atomic Test In Progress'

Mildred has the 10 Commandments on her wall(Jym Dyer)

The plane that carries Truman says 'C-Rations' on the side

Truman bursts out of a crate saying 'Canned Eggs' on it

Mildred lives at 'Chateaus l'Hovel(Solicitors Welcome)

The second paper has the headline 'Crackpot Photographs Truman Again'

The missile says 'Roswell That Ends Well' on it and has a drawing of Zoidberg on it. This was a takeoff on the famous WWII "Kilroy was here" cartoon that was drawn on various large munitions and other army containers by soldiers.(Lyle McDonald)

When they break in to rescue Zoidberg it's 8 minutes past 2

Fry's Genetic make up is one quarter Fry's mom's mom, one quarter Fry's mom's Dad, one quarter Mildred and one quarter Fry

There is a book called 'Roswell That Ends Well'(Ben Stevens)

Enos is the name of the Deputy in 'Dukes of Hazzard'(Zik)

Bender losing his head was a very-direct reference to Star Trek TNG's episode "Time's Arrow", where not only they find Data's head after 500 years of being buried in San Francisco, but also they re-attach the 500-year old head to his body... and it works!(Leandro Pardini)

The flag at the base has the wrong amount of stars??

Have I missed anything? email me

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