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The Creators

Matt Groening

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Matt Groening did not take a particular interest in school, which is what originaly turned him towards drawing. In the mid-1980' s, Matt Groening moved to Los Angeles and started drawing a comic strip named "Life in Hell" which eventually became published in the newspaper where he worked. In 1988, James Brooks, looking for a filler in the television show "The Tracy Ullman show", turned towards a framed "Life in Hell" strip on his wall and contacted Groening. The animated shorts that Groening created were "The Simpsons".

  • Written Episodes
    1. 1ACV01 - Pace Pilot 3000

    David X Cohen

    Graduate of U.C. Berkeley, studying theoretical computer science. Real name is David 'S.' Cohen. He used that name when he worked on the Simpsons, but when he starting working on Futurama he joined Writer's Guild (the TV writer's union). When he registered, there was already a David S. Cohen and the union didn't let there be two members with that name. He chose the letter X for his middle inital 'cause he felt it was more 'sci-fi-ish.'


  •  Written Episodes
    1. 1ACV01 - Pace Pilot 3000
    2. 2ACV04 - Xmas Story

    Claudia Katz (Futurama producer)

    Claudia Katz is the producer who works with Rough Draft Studios making sure that the animation is done correctly. Before Futurama, Rough Draft's only full-length show was Mtv's 'The Maxx' on which Claudia was the Director. Rough Draft Studios is now also responsible for animating the Simpsons.


    Patric M. Verrone

    Patric M. Verrone won an Emmy for Muppets Tonight! (1997) and was also Emmy- nominated for Futurama (1999) and The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson. Verrone wrote and co-produced The Critic (1993--95), was a staff writer on The Tonight Show (1987--90) and is currently supervising producer of the hybrid computer-traditional animated series Futurama.

  • Patric M. Verrone
    1. 1ACV06 - A Fishful of Dollars
    2. 2ACV01 - I Second That Emotion
    3. 2ACV10 - A Clone of My Own
    4. 2ACV15 - The Problem with Popplers
    5. 3ACV08 - That's Lobstertainment!



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