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The Futurama on Comedy Central Cuts Guide

Bender's Big Score

Created by Matt Garvey
(garvey at snpp dot com)
for use on CGEF

18 Jun 2008
(txt version)

So you wanna watch Bender's Big Score on Comedy Central, eh? Well, OK.

See the guide to the original 72 episodes for a little on Comedy Central's
broadcast tendencies. In this case, though, there is no compression. Each
quarter of BBS starts with the shortened new opening title (see below) and
goes into Act I, with II and III following after breaks. Nothing is
reordered. Unlike the original episodes, this was composed for widescreen,
but on CC is in pan-and-scan. (It made full use of the wide screen, so it
really looks cramped this way.) All parts are rated TV-14.

Each quarter is shorter than 21:30, and in fact the runtime decreases with
each one. Why so many cuts then? (If presented separately, are there recaps?
I'll watch out.)

I've marked the various changes as so, with times in the margin:
% Cut for CC
+ Added for CC
@ Changed for CC (such as music)
! Extra notes
~~ This mark separates sections that aren't continuous.
I've tried to be accurate with all the timings, with the required amount of

In all episodes, opening and closing credits are different from the full BBS.
On the DVD, "Created by Matt Groening" and "Developed by Matt Groening /
David X. Cohen" start the opening credits (not in intro). In the episodes,
they are credited as Executive Producers at the start (not at the end). Also
in the episodes, Michael Rowe is listed as Co-Executive Producer, not
Supervising Producer. Finally, for "Story by," Ken Keeler & David X. Cohen's
names take two lines instead of 1, from the narrower screen.

I did compare the end credits' content for BBS. Full details are after each
episode, but there are a few general notes for the episodic versions:
-Executive Producer credits, which appear at the end of the full version
before the rest of the credits, are after the opening.
-Cast members and guest stars are listed per episode.
-Only the episodes include "Writers' Assistant: Eric Rogers" (after
Re-Recording Mixer); it's not on the DVD. (He filled that task on the first
two seasons of the show.)
-Deanna MacLellan is left out of the list of Assistants to the Producers in
all episodes.
-The Hypnotoad is left out and Curiosity Company logo is the same as for the
old episodes. Only the production number of the current episode is used.
-Other omissions occur in each one, but not consistently, and are probably
not intentional. The details in each episode's notes are for Comedy Central's
premiere of BBS.

There are a few act breaks that don't correspond to chapters on the DVD (or
act breaks as written in the script). See Act I/II of 5ACV01, Act II/III of
5ACV03, and Act I/II of 5ACV04. In general, also, the show fades to or from
black at commercial breaks. Quite often, music is changed during these break
divisions (see episodes for details).

The new opening title:

If you watched Bender's Big Score on DVD, you saw the longer, widescreen
opening title. Interspersed with bits of the familiar original intro are new
clips of the main characters; I won't go into much further detail than that.

On Comedy Central, each quarter of BBS begins with what appears at first to
be the old opening. Not quite (what gave it away, the random Zoidberg clip?).
It's actually mostly a shortened version of the long one.

It seems that in addition to redoing the opening in widescreen, the entire
feature was made in high definition (according to the commentary), so it was
really reconstructed. I examined the old opening and new long one pretty
closely, and have found these main differences:
-The burst of light at the very start and the angled rays behind the title
are slightly different.
-The ship's engines don't flare as much at first in the new one.
-The timing of the movement to the "R" may be a little different.
-People in tubes are completely redone (see below).
-For the rest of the opening, the ship seems to have more engine flare in
the new one.
-The Mass Hypnosis Hour billboard is off phase.
-More/different buildings are in the background during the long flight before
the TV scene.
-The ship's approach to the TV, and the timing of the static, may be a few
frames off.
-The glass shards, sparks, and explosions are a little different as well.
I didn't see any other major changes in item placement, but I could have
missed something. Everything is framed so that the old opening fits exactly
in the middle of the widescreen one.

A little more detailed explanation of a few things:
-Like I said, people in the tubes are redone. I'm not sure why, but if you
compare who goes by and when, you should spot some differences yourself;
others (such as the man with the newspaper) are new models in roughly the
same positions. Of particular note is some kind of goof: watch carefully
after Amy and Hermes go through the tube, and in the new opening, Kif
suddenly replaces someone else just as he's about to go off the right of the
screen. It's an exact match for his placement in the old opening. Weird!
-It appears that the entire opening was rerendered (even though it's not all
seen at once in the long version, and sometimes fades into character
screens), *except* for about 12 frames (.5s) in the middle, consisting of
the quick pan from one set of tubes (Amy, Hermes, et al.) to another
(Zoidberg, Zapp... that's the shot with "tasty human burgers"), with the
"3D RULEZ!" sign between the two. It's the only big group of missing frames
in the long opening; see below for why I think it wasn't done.

Differences for the short new opening:
The opening title as seen in episodic versions of BBS is built from the new
longer one. It's in pan and scan, of course.
-The music is the remix from BBS, but just as it's about to go into the
beepy part (where Amy sinks off the screen in the long one), it segues to
the end. All sound effects use the timing of the short version.
-In place of those missing frames, there is a fairly out-of-place shot of
Zoidberg clacking his claws (from the long one), complete with sound effects.
Since only half a second is missing, it would look even weirder to have just
that much filler, so we see him for 3 seconds instead, joining the familiar
scenes as "tasty human burgers" is about to disappear.
-All the quarters use the same clip of Fry falling into the tube for the TV
scene, but then go back to the traditional "created by" and "developed by"
credits. (The long version uses only one bit of static, to introduce the
title "Bender's Big Score.")
-The full version only has one opening, and thus one tagline, which is used
in the opening to 5ACV01. The other three quarters use new taglines (see
each episode for details). I felt compelled to check the unused taglines on
DVD volumes 3 and 4, and found that 5ACV02's was one of them, and 5ACV04's
was in the same spirit as one (the original referred to the Mars Polar Lander
instead). Both can be found on volume 3, though not in final graphical form.

Major new stuff not found on DVD (not counting subtitles and stuff):
-Commercial for Torgo's Executive Powder (5ACV01)
-Opening taglines (5ACV02-04)
-Different music cues (all episodes)

If you have any questions, corrections, additional information, etc., please
let me know.

 ==[ 5ACV01 ]================================================================
        21:00.5 / 0:51 cut, 0:23 new, counting body only
   INTRO   28.5 / ---- (-28.5)

 <-28.5> + New short intro. (Tagline: It just won't stay dead!)

   ACT I   6:20 / 7:00 (0:40*)

         ! Act I on Comedy Central encompasses the cold opening (chapter 1 on
         ! DVD) and part of the next act (chapter 2). On CC, the credits (as
         ! described above) appear at the start of this, until Farnsworth's
         ! introduction. On the DVD, they start at the head museum, going
         ! until LaBarbara storms out. There are no cuts in the cold opening,
         ! except:

         % After Zoidberg covers his eyes, an ambulance rushes down the
         % street, lights and sirens running. Zoom in on the blue rotating
         % light as the ambulance goes behind us, to get an aerial view of
         % half of it over a black background. This segues into the usual
 <1:01>  % flash-of-light start to the main title, and the new extended title
         % runs. (See above for details.) The tagline, by the way, is the one
         % used in this quarter's intro. That's the end of Act I on the DVD.
         % (I like having the introductory scene before the title, myself,
         % and at 3:43 it's only a little longer than 1ACV01's 3:04. Silly.)

 <0:01>  % The DVD fades into the head museum establishing shot (from black).

         @ Also, the music has been changed; on the DVD it's longer and goes
         @ over Fry's line, but on CC it's just over the establishing shot
         @ and is sort of peppier.

            Lars: I'm Lars.
 <0:01>  % Leela: Oh!
                      I'm Leela.

         ! Act I on CC ends when they are about to head off to the nude beach
         ! planet. But then:

         + As hinted, there is some exclusive content made just for this
         + version, right before the commercial break. It's all animated.
         + A new splash screen, with the theme playing behind it, appears.
         + Announcer: Futurama is brought to you by Torgo's Executive Powder!
         + Cutouts of heads and shoulders are going into a meat grinder,
         + making a pink powder.
 <-0:23> +
         + Announcer: Only Torgo's packs the power of five highly-paid
         +            television executives into every can, for maximum odor
         +            absorption.
         + A woman shakes it into her toilet (a left-handed toilet!), then
         + flushes it. She sings, and the Futurama theme fades for the song:
         +     Woman: When your toilet smells like feces
         +            From some disgusting species
         +            Make it take a powder... with Torgo's!

   ACT II  6:16 / 6:50 (0:34)

         ! (Act II on CC picks up as they depart for the nude beach planet,
         ! and the episode keeps to the DVD's act/chapter breaks from then.)

           Zoidberg whoops into the nude beach.
 <0:05>  % There is a long panning establishing shot of the nude beach,
         % showing various entities sunbathing. Most is cut. Music plays.
           The music picks up where the video does after the cut.

           Leela: Spam, spam, junk--
         %                           [Gasp!] The very last pygmy rhino is
 <0:06>  %        going extinct? Unless it gets my credit card number? [taps
         %        on her wristamajig]
             Amy: Spam, spam...

           Bender, finding it rather hard to believe that he can get rich
           watching porn, clicks on the link anyway.
         % It changes to a banner, with robots dancing and music:
         %         Scientists at
         %    Need Research Subjects
         %      To Rate Top-Quality
 <0:09>  %          Roborotica.
         %        [NO]      [YES]
         % Bender: [after reading banner out loud] Ooh, top quality?
         % He moves to "yes" and double-clicks. A virus warning with yellow
         % and black bars closes in diagonally over it,
                                                        clanging as the
           warning slides in from the side.

           Zoidberg announces that the Nigerian prince has died.

 <0:02>  %      Amy: That's so sad!

           Amy starts crying, then:

                Amy: When will those antidepressants get here?
           Zoidberg: Wait, there's more!
 <0:04>  %                               According to this email, I,
         %           Zoidberg, am his next of kin!
                                                   Once I wire some good-
                     faith money...

         ! Actually, in the cut version, "Wait, there's more!" is looped onto
         ! the end of the cut line for continuity.

               Leela: No, it's a scam! [the Spanish national lottery]
 <0:03>  % Professor: Yes-e, yes-uh, a scam-uh.
                                                My goodness...

           Professor: ...and her bank account numbers, and--
 <0:01>  %            [he extends his hand up while he says]
                                                             there! I'm rich!

         ! Allow me to explain. This is one of several cuts where no dialogue
         ! is lost, but (usually) a bit of silence is cut, along with a
         ! nearby piece of animation, and the remaining visual and audio are
         ! overlapped. Here, the cut audio is while we're looking at the
         ! signature screen, and "there!" is put in its place. I can't tell
         ! which typing sounds and button presses are used, but oh well.

           Closeup of the title deed Nudar is holding.

 <0:03>  % Bender: I'll deal with these guys.

           Nudar holds the deed down and Bender welcomes him.

         % Another overlapping cut. The long version has a closeup of
 <0:01>  % Bender's spinning red pupils and accompanying noise, followed by
         % Nudar's line, "Hmm, guess I was wrong!" In the cut version, we
         % don't see him say that, as it's dubbed over the closeup. Then:

           Nudar: There *was* a robot stupid enough to download the obedience

   ACT III 7:56 / 8:11 (0:15) [the cuts add to 17 because of rounding errors]

         @ Different music is used at the start of the act (DVD vs. CC).

 <0:01>  % After the establishing shot of Planet Express, some of the pan of
         % the inside is cut.

           Bender: It's a fake place.
 <0:06>  % Hermes: Cut to the chase, baldy! When do I get my me back?
         %   Lars: Well, it could be months or...even years!
           Hermes: No! That body's the cornerstone of my marriage!

         ! You can see him turn before the cut, as if "no" is the next line.

         % Overlapping cut: Bender walks in and starts descending the stairs,
 <0:01>  % then says "What are you doing, [wonderful masters?]" The line is
         % placed over the long shot instead, and visually the next shot (a
         % closeup) is shortened, leaving out where he says that line.

         ! After "wonderful masters"...

            Fleb: Sprunging for information. [snort, snort...]

 <0:01>  % Nudar sprunges the lockers,
                                       then along the wall with the safe.
           After he tears down the picture, he goes back to the wall:

           Nudar: Oh.
 <0:01>  %            OH.
                          Mmm, there's something here.

         ! That may not be an entirely straight cut, but close enough.

 <0:01>  % A bit of the first closeup of Fry's tattoo is cut, then:

           Bender: What do you say, folks, hot or not?
 <0:03>  %  Nudar: I'm not seeing any information! Do more things!

           Farnsworth zooms in again.

           Nibbler: risk tearing the universe asunder!
 <0:03>  %     Amy: Aww, he's so adorable!
              Fleb: The poodle monkey may be right.

         + For episode form, Comedy Central's version has, at the bottom,
         + "To Be Continued..." in the Futurama font (large/small caps) as
         + Nibbler repeats "doooooooooomed!"

   CREDITS 0:00 / ---- (----)

         ! Credits (as text) are displayed after every installment on Comedy
         ! Central, but with a few differences in content. (See summary as
         ! well.) For good reason, these guest stars are missing here:

         % Coolio, Al Gore, Mark Hamill, Tom Kenny, Sarah Silverman

         + CC adds "Writers' Assistant: Eric Rogers" after Re-Recording Mixer

         % CC omits Deanna MacLellan from Assistants to the Producers

         % CC omits "Sound Services, Inc." after Before Noon Post-Production

         % No "It's Hot!" logo, but the explanatory text is there

         % Naturally, the "Productions: ..." line is just "5ACV01" here

         % CC leaves out the Hypnotoad, and Curiosity Company is its usual

         ! Some of these omissions do not occur regularly, as if some screens
         ! were just left out. See the summary and other episodes for more.

 ==[ 5ACV02 ]================================================================
        20:51.5 / 1:49 cut, counting body only
   INTRO   28.5 / ---- (-28.5)

 <-28.5> + New short intro. Tagline: Watch, rinse, repeat

   ACT I   7:15 / 7:49 (0:34)

         ! Opening credits end at "someone get a mop!"

           Nibbler: ...except when it rips open the universe!
 <0:02>  %          Don't do it, I beg y-- [muffled as:]

           Nudar enters the timesphere.

           The smelloscope lands on the duplicate Nudar. Much gasping,
 <0:01>  % and then a little more gasping (including some from Amy).

           Professor: Ah, paradox resolved. Someone get a mop!

 <0:02>  % Establishing shot of the Conrad residence, starting in the sky and
           then panning down. (Music throughout, but joined in progress.)

              Hermes: Barbados Slim! [music sting on a shot of Slim, possibly
                      shortened a bit] What are you doing here? Is there
                      something going on between you two?

         % (On the DVD, the first question is on a closeup of Hermes, and the
         % second is from his eye level looking up at Slim and LaBarbara. On
         % Comedy Central, the animation is reversed and crudely re-synced.)
         % Then:

         % LaBarbara: Oh, no, no-no-no, we just, uh, happened to run into
         %            each other shortly after your accident!
 <0:16>  %  Barbados: And every night since then. [both laugh, ending with:]
         % LaBarbara: Oh, you're so crazy. [to Slim]
         %    Hermes: Woman. No! Oh, who am I kidding? Without my body I'm a
         %            nobody.
           LaBarbara: I'm sorry, Hermes...

 <0.5>   % There's a tiny trim after Nudar's "...steal the Liberty Bell
         % before it cracked."

           Bender: ...ooh, ooh, ooh...
 <0:02>  %                             [descending stairs] Masters, if I
         %         might?
                          Let me do the stealin'.

 <0.5>   % Another brief trim before Farnsworth addresses Hedonismbot.

           Hedonismbot: ...could get together and compare notes some time,
 <0:02>  %   Professor: [embarrassed sound]

           Establishing shot: Sweden

           The dust clears after Bender launches off the stage at the Nobel
 <0:04>  %         Exterior of Sweedledome. After a beat, his ship breaks out
         % of the top as applause continues.
                                             He is chased down the street.

           Fry snatches Lars' business card away from Leela.
 <0:01>  %                                                   He looks at it
         % for a second before
                               we get to see it in closeup.

           Farnsworth is sleeping with the bomb. He snores once as the
           nudists gather around,
 <0:02>  %                        then another time as they stand still.
           Then Nudar speaks.

           Zoidberg picks up Hermes' head.
         %                                 From below, we see him looking
 <0:01>  % down at it (and the lights above him), and a little more of
         % Hermes' neck--we also hear a cartoony whoosing sound--before
           Zoidberg swipes the neck with powder and reattaches the head.

   ACT II  4:56 / 5:51 (0:55)

 <0.6>   % A little trim of one of the Globetrotters spinning the chalk.

           Hermes crashes into the board and falls down. He sighs heavily,
 <0.4>   % then again,
                       then again.

           Professor: Hermes, you got your body back! Hurrah!
              Hermes: Yes.
 <0:01>  %                 But not the original.
                                                 Bender went back in time and
                      picked up a copy!

                Elzar: Wanna see it make a star?
           Leela/Lars: No!

         % A montage starts. Leela and Lars play minigolf on asteroids, then
 <0:36>  % go to Cylon War Memorial makeout point, and fall off a cliff in
         % the hover car,
                          then take a hot soap bubble ride.

         ! The music is not quite in sync in the cut version, as it was re-
         ! dubbed to match the start of the soap bubble ride. It ends earlier
         ! on DVD, I believe.

           Nudar: I'll vaporize this guy so his ass doesn't fall into the
                  wrong hands.
         %   Fry: [shriek] Why don't you just remove my tattoo?
         % Nudar: Nice try, but you might have memorized it.
 <0:09>  %   Fry: No I mightn't. I can't even remember my mother's maiden
         %        name!
         % Nudar: It's Gleissner.

           Nudar shoots (kind of a jump cut in the cut version).

         % A few trims as Fry evades the nudists: one is a brief pause before
 <0:01>  % he says "stupid naked aliens"; the other is a burst of gunfire
         % before Fry backs into the room to note the mirror. The music is
         % probably trimmed the same way.

           The can of Torgo's Scouring Powder blows up and dissipates.
         % Bender appears in the doorway (with black pupils!).
 <0:04>  %
         % Bender: Ah ha, you missed! Heh...oh great master. [blinks]

           Cut to the cryogenics lab, January 1, 2000.

           Establishing shot of Planet Express with music.
 <0:03>  % Music continues as we pan across the inside; the nudists approach
         % Bender. (In the cut version, the music is uninterrupted over:)

           Nudar: Well, we'll never know where the ass guy went.

   ACT III 8:12 / 8:32 (0:20)

           Bender: So the game of cat and mouse begins, huh?
 <0:03>  %         [closeup] Let us match wits. [blinks]
                   [turns around] Ohh, how am I supposed to find him?

         % A brief cut of the lingering shot on the cryogenicist's phone
 <0:01>  % booth, before "Hello, bartender?" (The line overlaps a little on
         % CC too.)

           Bender: [to phone booth] Electrocution, please, side order of

         % View from outside the booth, with Bender tapping his foot. Inside:
 <0:08>  %
         % Bender: Helloooo? Kill me, you stupid machine! [hits it]

           He peers at the slot.

           Bender: What the... local calls 50 cents?

           Bender bursts in on Michelle and Constantine. She screams.
 <0:01>  % Bender's gun makes electric sounds for a little bit.

           Bender: Say your prayers, Fry!

           Michelle: Really? That's a dumb name, eww.
 <0:02>  %   Bender: Hmm, could be a trick.
                                            Let me see your ass, Constantine.

         @ A bit of a video change: On the DVD, the map zooms in to Florida
         @ before the subtitle identifies it as such. On Comedy Central, it
         @ doesn't zoom in until after the text "Florida" appears. The music
         @ and subtitles are timed the same on both. Also, it looks like the
         @ map is not strictly pan-and-scan, but closer to the "Super 35"
         @ style. That is, on the DVD, more is visible on the sides, but
         @ actually *less* is visible on the top and bottom. I'm not sure
         @ why, and I haven't noticed this happen anywhere else (let me know
         @ if I missed something!); it could help explain why the timing is
         @ different as well, if someone had to re-render the shot.

           Establishing shot of Long Island.
 <0:01>  % A little is trimmed of Bender walking out of the ocean;
           he walks across the beach,
 <0:01>  % and exits the beach. Two footsteps cut from his
           approach to Yancy's house.

           Bender: I'd recognize me, and hence him, anywhere!

 <0:02>  % Fry flags down a taxi, which stops.
                                               He opens the cab door.

           The hybraxi flies into the air.
 <0:01>  % One second of the still screen before it comes down is cut.

         + For episode form, Comedy Central's version has, at the bottom,
         + "To Be Continued..." in the Futurama font (large/small caps) as
         + Bender says "Oh, God, what have I done?"

   CREDITS 0:00 / ---- (----)

         ! Credits (as text) are displayed after every installment on Comedy
         ! Central, but with a few differences in content. (See summary as
         ! well.) For good reason, these guest stars are missing here:

         % Kath Soucie, Coolio, Mark Hamill

         + CC adds "Writers' Assistant: Eric Rogers" after Re-Recording Mixer

         % CC omits Deanna MacLellan from Assistants to the Producers

         % CC omits "Sound Services, Inc." after Before Noon Post-Production

         % CC omits "Overseas Production Company: Rough Draft Korea"

         % Naturally, the "Productions: ..." line is just "5ACV02" here

         % CC leaves out the rest of the legal text after "other countries"
         % up to and including "N.A.B."

         % CC leaves out the Hypnotoad, and Curiosity Company is its usual

         ! Some of these omissions do not occur regularly, as if some screens
         ! were just left out. See the summary and other episodes for more.

 ==[ 5ACV03 ]================================================================
        20:39.5 / 1:03 cut, counting body only
   INTRO   28.5 / ---- (-28.5)

 <-28.5> + New short intro. Tagline: Apply directly to the foreclaw

   ACT I   6:11 / 6:25 (0:14)

         ! Opening credits end as it's presumed Fry lived to a ripe old age.

         % But right at the start:
         % In the long version, over the establishing shot of Planet Express,
         % there are subtitles that fade in (one after the other):
         % NEW NEW YORK CITY
         %       3007
         % These are not in the episode version, for understandable reasons.

           Right after that: Establishing shot with music:
         % Inside (music continues), Bender puts on his sunglasses. After his
         % first line, the scene plays out in the background. This scene is a
         % callback to part 2, and actually seems more appropriate here than
         % in the full version, but...
 <0:13>  % Bender: Preparing to terminate Philip Fry.
         % Shlump: What's with the doofy sunglasses?
         % Bender: It's really bright in the past.
         % He pushes in his antenna, recites the timecode, hops into the
         % timesphere, and disappears.
                                       Bender gets out of the hatch in the
           foreground. (In the cut version, the music continues over this.)

           Fry in 2000 walks over to the pizza box
 <0.15>  %                                         and stands there.
           He reaches inside and pulls out a slice of pizza,
 <0.6>   %                                                   then groans
           because it's ice cold.

         ! The second one is an overlap, actually: we hear him groan while
         ! we're still looking at the pizza, rather than watching him do it.

         % The end of the act, in the long version, is a fade from Fry's
 <0.25>  % apartment above Panucci's to the park. I think the two shots were
         % separated again, but both shortened, for the commercial break. The
         % time here is part of that, and also partly to round the numbers.

   ACT II  6:35 / 7:01 (0:26)

         @ There is different music for the park scene transition at the
         @ start. (In the long version, a "flashback bookend" sound plays
         @ instead.) See end of Act I for the time difference.

         ! Overlapping cut here. Fry's line is looped onto the previous scene
         ! right after the trainer's line, while Leelu is groaning "no" - we
         ! don't see Leelu proceeding back into the water, or Fry saying that
         ! line.

           Trainer: [trying to feed Leelu] Take a sip.
 <0:02>  %     Fry: I know how to make things eat.
                    Maybe this is my purpose in life.

           Trainer: Holy mackerel! She's eating whole mackerel!

           Leelu splashes some water over the top of the tank.

 <0:02>  % Trainer: I don't know what your secret is, but
                                                          if you'll work for
                    minimum wage...

         ! Not a straight cut, either; the missing video is during the second
         ! part of her line, after she walks over to Fry and points.

           Morbo: the scammer aliens finished stealing every item of
         %               [turns to front] Including ownership of this
         %        station.
 <0:05>  % Linda: [beat, then stock laugh]
         % Their seats both disappear and they fall, screaming.
           The TV goes to static as the nudists unplug it.

           The doors to the head museum open.
 <1.5>   %                                    Lars peeks around a corner,
           then waves Leela in.

         ! The music is not cut, so it continues longer on CC.

           Heads in jars: HI, LARS!
 <0:03>  %     De Gaulle: Ahh, Lars and La Belle Leela.
                                                        I trust you brought
                          some haute cuisine for an old Frenchman?

           Establishing shot of Leela's building,
 <0.5>   %                                        shortened a little bit.
           The wrecking ball destroys it.

           Bender trips Tinny Tim. ("Oops!")

 <0:05>  % Professor: Well, at least we have each other. So it truly is the
         %            worst Xmas ever.

           The wind blows him (Farnsworth) over.

           Santa: You've all been very naughty. [Bender is mimicking him]
 <0:07>  %        I'll be back for you after I collect my milk and cookies
         %        from starving orphans. [blasts off, high into the sky]
             Fry: That's it, I don't see how things could get any worse.

         % The end of the act is the same visually, ending on the closeup of
         % the Xmas tree bomb (on the DVD the act break is actually right
         % after the Xmas song); but on CC the music starts earlier, and so
         % does all the screaming. See below.

   ACT III 7:25 / 7:48 (0:23)

         ! The act picks up at the same point visually, and with the audio
         ! back in sync (thus, some sliver of the screaming was reused).

           Zoidberg screams.

 <0.7>   % Lars: [opening top of the bomb] Don't worry.
                 A bomb in a case is just like a head in a jar.

         ! Again, not a straight cut. We still see him open it in both
         ! versions, so some of the later animation is cut or compressed.

             Fry: So what's up, Dr. Shlivinowitz?
 <0.7>   % Dr. S: [sighs]
                          This is a little hard for me to say, Fry...

 <0.6>   % A bit at the end of the "Loch Ness Monster" being lowered is cut.

           Establishing shot of church for Leela's wedding.
 <2.3>   % Inside, Dr. Cahill wheels in a cart of heads, behind the Cygnoids.
           Terry welcomes her (or many) to the wedding.

         ! Not sure if the music is cut or delayed.

              Fry: They can't sign the wedding license if I give them a pen
                   with no ink! [laughs]
         %                               [keeps laughing]
 <0:05>  % Bender: Yeah, once they try to sign that license, all hell will
         %         break loose!
                                Oy vey.

         ! Not a straight cut. Fry's movements are maintained, and Bender's
         ! line uses the animation for "all hell" instead in the cut version.

 <0.2>   % A tiny cut just before Hermes zips up LaBarbara's dress.

           LaBarbara: Take a boat, Barbados.

         % Barbados Slim gets up to leave.
         % Bubblegum: [to Hermes] Brother, you gots to tell that sweet thing
         %            your time duplicate body is doomed.
 <0:09>  %    Hermes: Tomorrow morning, after the... festivities.
         % Zoom out. Bubblegum Tate starts spinning a basketball on his
         % finger.
         % Bubblegum: Yow, baby!

           The Robot Devil strikes up the band.

           North Pole, 2012. Fry looks through a pair of binoculars.
 <0:02>  % (The subtitles remain for a bit.) Now a side view of the whole
         % ship moving through the water.
           (In the cut version, the subtitles remain here instead.) The
           captain approaches Fry. (This is a medium shot.)

           Fry: Oh, I've missed you too, Leelu. But we'll never be apart
 <0:02>  %             because we care too much for each other.
           The chandelier crushes Hermes (his duplicate body).

 <0.5>   % LaBarbara: Oh
                         no, my man!

         + For episode form, Comedy Central's version has, at the bottom,
         + "To Be Continued..." in the Futurama font (large/small caps) as
         + Leela cries.

   CREDITS 0:00 / ---- (----)

         ! Credits (as text) are displayed after every installment on Comedy
         ! Central, but with a few differences in content. (See summary as
         ! well.) For good reason, these guest stars are missing here:

         % Kath Soucie, Coolio, Al Gore, Mark Hamill, Tom Kenny, Sarah
         % Silverman

         + CC adds "Writers' Assistant: Eric Rogers" after Re-Recording Mixer

         % CC omits Deanna MacLellan from Assistants to the Producers

         % CC omits "Overseas Production Company: Rough Draft Korea"

         % CC omits the carbon-neutral explanatory text

         % Naturally, the "Productions: ..." line is just "5ACV03" here

         % CC leaves out "N.A.B."

         % CC leaves out the Hypnotoad, and Curiosity Company is its usual

         ! Some of these omissions do not occur regularly, as if some screens
         ! were just left out. See the summary and other episodes for more.

 ==[ 5ACV04 ]================================================================
        20:31.5 / 1:54 cut, counting body only
   INTRO   28.5 / ---- (-28.5)

 <-28.5> + New short intro. Tagline: Last known transmission
                                     of the Hubble Telescope

   ACT I   5:58 / 6:46 (0:48)

         ! Opening credits end at "We've been scammed again, people."

           Announcer: ...Earth President Nixon.

           Hypnotoad turns to off-screen announcer.
         % A brief pause is cut (rolled into cut length below).

           Announcer: Please, Hypnotoad,
 <2.8>   %                               it's beyond my control! No!
                      Don't make me kill myself! [gags]
               Nixon: My fellow Earthicans,
 <3.5>   %                                  I've just received some really
         %            great news.
                                  I'm about to close a deal...

         ! I don't know, those both seem important. They do match 5ACV01's
         ! cuts for scam-related content, though, as does the below...

           Leela: Oh, lord.
 <4.5>   % Nixon: And all I had to do was hand over our last remaining land
         %        and water as collateral.
                                           So, assuming all goes--

               Leela: All aboard for Neptune!

         % Closeup of everyone going up the Planet Express ship ramp. The
         % nudists continue to sing in the background.
 <0:06>  % Professor: Oh, I don't wanna go to Neptune. I'll be cold, and
         %            heavy! [science note: surface gravity is about 1.14g]
         % Back to the scammers briefly as they finish singing.
           They lean back and watch the Planet Express ship take off.

         % Establishing shot of Neptunian base is shorter in cut version,
 <0:04>  % and missing is a shot of everyone huddling inside while Bender
         % then sighs and says "It's so cold..." (this is dubbed onto the
         % establishing shot in the cut version).

         @ Also, the music is different, to match the shorter shot.

           Bender: processor is running at peak efficiency.

            Zoidberg: Oh, Yetis!
         % Professor: Amy, you speak Yeti. What are they saying?
         %       Amy: I'm not sure, but it sounds like something to do with--
 <0:10>  %            assaulting... the interlopers.
         % The walls start to shake, and
                                         the Yetis burst through the wall.

         @ The subtitle for "2012" for this scene is a lot bigger on CC. I
         @ haven't noticed this happening consistently, but there may be
         @ others.

           Long shot of Fry et al. watching Leelu struggle in the tank.
 <0:02>  % She bangs on the glass one more time and then sulks away.

           Guy: Is that normal?

           Santa drops his missile.

 <2.5>   % Santa: Oh, my heart's not in it.
                  I'm too depressed for murder and mayhem.
 <3.5>   %   Amy: Aww, try some antidepressants! They're gummi!
             Fry: What happened, Santa?
           Santa: The scammers cheated me out of my naughty list to use for
 <5.2>   %                       Can you imagine the harm they could do with
         %        that information? *I* wanted to do that harm!
           Leela: That's it! They've gone too far.
 <1.5>   %        No more running and hiding.
                                              It's time to fight back!
         ! Note that in the cut version you can still see Santa eating the
         ! gummi worms, but I guess it might be too specific of a callback to
         ! justify keeping in that episode version.

 <2.5>   % The beginning of the establishing shot/pan of the Neptunian base
         % is cut (the music starts at the beginning in the cut version).
           Hold on the base, and the Earth flag falls down and shatters.

         ! The act break in the CC version is right after the manufacturing
         ! song, but on the DVD it comes right before the base scene above
         ! (actually in the middle of the establishing shot). It kind of
         ! makes sense, so there aren't two big musical moments in the same
         ! act, at least when broken up with commercials.

   ACT II  5:20 / 5:55 (0:35)

           Zapp: At ease, people!
 <6.5>   %                        I was redecorating my undisclosed location
         %       when I received word of an heroic invasion.
                                                             Kif, crouch down
                 and shield my thighs from the cold, for God's sake.

         ! The cut line and "Kif" are in a wider shot, so "crouch down" is
         ! synced into part of that wider shot in the cut version, I imagine
         ! to avoid a very short change in angle.

         % During the sweeping shot of the ships all moving into position for
 <0:02>  % the first attack, the end is cut off. The music is cut out in that
         % section too, but Zapp's "Assuming the..." overlaps the end of the
         % shot in both versions.

           Zapp: ...we will then execute maneuver 45,

         % Now a shot of Zapp addressing the 15 screens.
         % Zapp: followed by maneuver 44.
 <0:08>  %  Kif: [quietly] 46.
         % Zapp: Oh great. Now I have to start back at the beginning with
         %       maneuver 2.
         %  Kif: [holding up finger] 1.
           Lars: Admiral, will we stop attacking at any point?

         @ During Lars' line, and in the next shot like this, Kif's finger is
         @ still up on the full version. On the cut version, it's down at all
         @ times, though it doesn't seem to have been recycled from another
         @ section. Re-drawn?

           Leela: Unit 10, target H.
         %        Niner, niner, go left! [a ship is shot down] I mean right!
 <0:06>  %   Sal: Whoas!
         % Leela: 55-U.
                        8-R. 2-V!
           Prof.: Bingo!

         ! (Boo)

           LaBarbara: Oh, Hermes!
         %                        I've been such a fool! Truth be, I married
 <7.5>   %            you for your sexy potato body, but I'm staying witcha
         %            for your sexy potato head.
                                                 [kisses his jar]

                 Amy: I doubt that!

 <0:05>  %     Nudar: [opens the safe] Remember this... Farnsworth?!
         % Professor: ...Farnsworth? ...That's me!

           Nudar pulls the bag out of the safe.

   ACT III 8:45 / 9:16 (0:31)

           Bender shows the crew the doomsday device, they gasp, and he looks
           back toward the screen.

 <0:03>  % Bender: Shut up and keep looking apologized to!

           He opens the torpedo bay door and drops the bomb in. It closes.
         % He looks at the crew, while indicating the screen with his pupils.
 <2.5>   %
         %  Leela: Dum de dum... [hits fire button]

           The bomb flies out of the ship toward the scammers' ship.

           The crowd cheers for Bender.

         %  Nixon: Bender the robot, I am proud to present you Earth's
         %         highest award for swindling.
         % Agnew takes it out of his coat pocket and puts it on Bender. You
 <12.5>  % know what it looks like, or if you don't, go fish.
         %  Nixon: ...the Dirty Double Cross!
         % Bender: I'll always treasure it and immediately hock it.
         % More applause.
                          At his table, Lars puts Hermes' head on his body.

         ! Possibly the best one-line joke in this whole epic. Way to go!

             Fry: It's supposed to be a celebration, Leela!
 <1.2>   %        I mean, come on!
                                   Whimmy wham wham wozzle!
 <1.3>   % Leela: I can't help it.
                                   I was gonna be married!

           Fry: We have to set Leelu free.
 <4.5>   % Guy: Dang. I never should have quit my job at the casino.
         % Fry: Me neither. But
                                she needs what'll make *her* happy.

           One of Fry's shipmates undoes a latch (to set Leelu free).
 <0:01>  % Fry signals to the other one to start the winch,
                                                            and he does.

         ! The music accompanying this scene starts earlier on CC.

           Fry leads Lars into the cryogenics lab, while Lars speaks. Then:

            Lars: ...Leela!
 <0:03>  % Leela: Lars?
         %  Lars: I, uh, I really have to go, I--
           Leela: Fry! Was this an idiotic trick to get Lars and me back

         ! In the cut version, "Fry!" slightly overlaps Leela's turn to say
         ! "Lars?" instead.

            Lars: Go ahead and shoot.
 <0:01>  % Nudar: Oh yeah?
                           And what if I kill the woman you love?

 <0:01>  % About one second is cut from the end of the shot of the tattoo on
         % Lars' butt. The music is retimed to work around it, I believe.

         ! Note: while the original 72 episodes had the executive producers
         ! at the end, they were not included that way in the first three
         ! separate-episode versions of BBS. So why should they be in the
         ! final episode? I'm including that section in Credits, below, but
         ! just wanted to note it here as well.

   CREDITS 0:00 / 1:12 (1:12)

         % OK, I'll include the BBS credits here at the end of part 4, even
         % though they properly apply to the whole thing. They consist of...
 <0:03>  % Executive producer credits with one final bit of music,
 <1:00>  % Typical end credits with a new theme remix,
 <0:03>  % Hypnotoad glaring at us with his usual sound, and
 <0:06>  % Curiosity Company and 30th Century Fox logos. Some specifics:

         ! Credits (as text) are displayed after every installment on Comedy
         ! Central, but with a few differences in content. (See summary as
         ! well.) For good reason, these guest stars are missing here:

         % Tom Kenny, Sarah Silverman

         + CC adds "Writers' Assistant: Eric Rogers" after Re-Recording Mixer

         % CC omits Deanna MacLellan from Assistants to the Producers

         % CC omits "Sound Services, Inc." after Before Noon Post-Production

         % CC omits "Overseas Production Company: Rough Draft Korea"

         % Naturally, the "Productions: ..." line is just "5ACV04" here

         % CC leaves out the rest of the legal text after "other countries"
         % up to and including "N.A.B."

         % CC leaves out "N.A.B."

         % CC leaves out the Hypnotoad, and Curiosity Company is its usual
         % (This is too bad, too, as this was the part *with* the Hypnotoad.)

         ! Some of these omissions do not occur regularly, as if some screens
         ! were just left out. See the summary and other episodes for more.

 ==[ ------ ]================================================================


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