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Timeline by noah otters

Ancient times

17 BBB (Before Big Bang) - Nibblonians come into existence. Somehow.
0 BB - Big bang occurs, brain spawn come into existence.
29,997,000 BCE. - Nimbala is Emperor of Zubin 5

20th century

1947 - July 9th - Planet Express ship arrives in past, Fry kills grandfather, beds grandmother
1947 - July 10th - Planet Express ship returns to future, leaves Bender's head in past
1948 - Yancy (Fry's dad) born
1971 - Yancy born
1974 - Fry born
1979 - Time capsule buried
1986 - Fry finds seven leaf clover
1988 - Fry hides his seven leaf clover
1992 - Fry suffers his third heart attack
1997 - Applied Cryogenics experiences their last power failure
1999 - Fry knocks out a Fox transmitter
1999, December 31st - Fry falls into cryogenic chamber
2000 - NYC faces garbage crises; sets garbage adrift on barge

21th century

2002 - Yancy finds Fry's seven leaf clover
2003 - Phillip son of Yancy III born
2003 - Lucy Liu named sexiest woman in the world by People Magazine
2006 - Britney Spears becomes queen of something
2007 - 'Charlies Angels 3, The Legend of Charlies Gold' is released in theatres
2008 - Stop and Drop becomes leading suicide booth
2012 - Conan O'brien loses legs in war of 2012
2019 - Project Satan infects Calculon with Werecar virus
2028 - Yancy becomes first man on Mars
2038 - Earth runs out of petroleum
2049 - Britney Spears reign comes to an end
2052 - NYC shoots garbage ball into space
2063 - Lucy Liu is named sexiest woman of the year for the second time by People Magazine
2000's - Cyborgs enslave humanity
2100 - First alien invasion of earth
2100 - FXJKR becomes the 60th president

22nd century

2159 - Central Bureaucracy established
2200 - Lucy Liu's head is stolen by Kidnappster
2200 - Pine trees become extinct

23rd century

2208 - Scientists increase speed of light
2275 Fairness of Hell act passed
2200's - Zoidberg's race arrives on Earth
2200's - Zoidberg's race eats the anchovy to extinction

24th century

2400 - American Express goes out of business

25th century

2443 - Second coming of Jesus****
2443 - Most 20th century era video tapes are destroyed by Jesus
2500 - Visa goes out of business
2500 - Manhattan becomes garbage free

26th century

2600 - The Robot Elders are carved from meteorites

27th century

2620 - Uranus is renamed Urectum
2636 - Mars University founded
2600's - New York elects supervillian governor who steals the worlds monuments

28th century

2790 - Bender's uncle Vladimir is built

29th century

2801 - The Friendly Robot Co. builds the Santabot
2841 - April 9th - Professor Farnsworth born
2849 - Professor Farnsworth learns to read
2880 - Professor Wormstrom born
2881 - Professor Farnsworth begins working at Mom's Friendly Robot co.
2900 - Professor Farnsworth gives Wormstrom an A- on an exam

30th century

2922 - Harold Zoid stars in 'A Close Shaving'
2931 - Professor Farnsworth and Mom break up; Farnsworth quits Mom's Friendly Robot Co.
2952 - Smell-o-Vision introduced
2952 - Harold Zoid's career goes downhill
2960 - Slurms Mackenzie begins partying for the Slurm Corporation
2974 - Calculon claims he was assembled in this year
2975 - Leela born*
2980 - Hermes competes on the Earth Limbo team in the Olympics
2982 - Zoidberg's race begins the tradition of Clawplagh
2984 - Pop starlet Wendy is born
2989 - Professor Farnsworth begins to clone Cubert
2992 - Zoidberg begins working at Planet Express
2995 - Nibbler born**
2997 - Front's Meat Market becomes a front for the Robot Mafia
2997 - Bender assembled
2999 - December 31st - Fry becomes unfrozen
3000 - Fry and Leela get lost on the Moon
3000 - Fry and Bender become roommates
3000 - April 13th - Leela rescues Nibbler, sleeps with Zapp Brannigan
3000 - Bender becomes a ruler on the robot planet
3000 - Fry discovers he is a billionaire but has his fortune stolen by Mom
3000 - Fry becomes Emperor of a liquid based race of aliens
3000 - The earth is threatened by a giant ball of garbage
3000 - Bender converts to Robotology after becoming addicted to electricity
3000 - Planet Express takes a vacation on the cruise ship Titanic
3000 - Fry reenrolls in college; Farnsworth makes a monkey super-intelligent
3000 - Labor Day - Aliens from Omicron Perseii 8 destroy Earth's monuments
3000 - Fry discovers the horrible secret behind slurm
3000 - An emotion chip is installed in Bender after he flushes Nibbler
3000 - Zapp Brannigan destroys DOOP Headquarters
3000 - November - Bender sells his body; Nixon runs for president
3000 - December 25th - Fry and Leela battle an evil robotic Santa

31st century

3001 - Zoidberg returns to his home planet to mate
3001 - Planet Express meets Flexo, a Bender look-a-like with dubious intentions
3001 - Valentine's Day - Fry's head is grafted to Amy's body after he breaks up with her
3001 - Bender joins the Ultimate Robot Fighting League
3001 - Leela finds the only other surviving cyclops and returns to the planet of her birth
3001 - April 9th - On his 150th birthday, Farnsworth unveils a clone to carry on his work
3001 - A new office bureaucrat has an affair with Fry, and steals Bender's brain
3001 - Fry falls in love with a beautiful mermaid when he discovers the lost city of Atlanta
3001 - Bender joins the Robot Mafia
3001 - Mother's Day - Mom sends the robots on a killing spree
3001 - Planet Express discovers a tasty snack which turns out to be alien larvae
3001 - Farnsworth wonders what it would be like if he invented the FingLonger
3001 - Bender, Fry and Leela join the army to fight a planet of giant balls
3001 - A rich uncle leaves Bender his castle where Bender is infected with a Werecar virus
3001 - Fry is reunited with his ex-girlfriend
3001 - The Planet Express crew is stranded on a world of giant, horny Amazons
3001 - Fry tells Leela his feelings towards here after being infected with worms
3001 - When Fry misses old fashioned, non-violent X-mases, Bender dresses up as Santa***
3002 - Fry searches for his old 7 leaf clover, and discovers the fate of his brother.
3002 - Planet Express causes a massive oil spill on a Plutonian penguin refuge
3002 - Bender falls in love with a beautiful fembot who happens to be Flexo's ex-wife
3002 - The Earth is invaded by giant evil brains that make everyone stupid
3002 - Zoidberg helps his uncle Zoid make a movie with Calculon
3002 - Leela has an operation to get a second eye grafted on
3002 - Amy and Kif stop rustlers from poaching the Wong family's herd of buggalo***
3002 - Fry and Bender are sent to a robot insane asylum
3002 - Cubert and Dwight use the Planet Express ship to help with their paper route***
3002 - Bender goes on tour with Beck
3002 - The Harlem Globetrotters help to repair a temporal anomaly
3002 - September 21st - The ship is thrown backwards through time, retrieves Bender's head
300? - Fry falls in love with a robot duplicate of Lucy Liu

* This is based on Leela's statement "I don't want to die at 25" in the episode "Loves Labors Lost in Space". Bender thinks shes lying.
This is based on the vetrinarian surmising that you can determine the age of Nibbler by counting the rings in his teeth. As Nibblers race is billions of years old, this may not be accurate
*** This episode would probably be here if it had aired. But it hasn't
**** During the pilot episode as time is flashing quickly by through the window, the second time Earth civilization is destroyed seems to roughly correspond with the 2400-2500 time frame. Some people conjectured that this might be the second coming of "Jesus", with Jesus actually being the name of the alien race. However, Futurama Comic #6 says that the second coming of Jesus was actually the sweet zombie jesus that the professor is always talking about. Furthermore, the zombie jesus was visited by a group of Omicronian wise men, leading me to believe that the second invasion was the Omicronians, and it ended with the resurrection, which somehow caused all the videotapes to be destroyed (Omicronians do like our TV, after all)


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