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Merchandise: Pop-out people

Pop-out paper dolls

  By : Dark Horse Comics
  Price: $7.99
  Buy at
detailed info by Futurama Merchandise Page

Pop-out people

  By : Dark Horse Comics
  Price: $2.99
  Buy at
: DarkHose/TFAW

#1 (A flight to remember):
Now you can have all the coolest characters from each of these amazing Fox television shows and movies for your own. It's amazingly simple and fun! Pop-Out People(TM) are sets of printed art of each character that you POP out from a single sheet, put 'em on their bases, and stand em up in front of cool scenery. Arrange these on your desk, dashboard, computer, bookshelf, or wherever you need some fun. Each element is printed on both sides in full color, and each set comes with its' own custom 2-sided diorama. Collect 'em all.
Price: $1.99-$5.99
Released: Jul 18, 2001

#2 (Love's Labour's Lost In Space)
We meet Zapp Brannigan and his disgruntled sidekick, Lieutenant Kif Kroker, when the Planet Express crew travels to Vergon 6 to rescue some animals. In order to secure Brannigan's cooperation, Leela agrees to visit him in his private quarters. Overwhelmed with pity at Zapp's feeble attempts at seduction, Leela sleeps with him. The crew does manage to rescue many of the animals on Vergon 6, and Leela befriends a tiny creature who produces enough dark matter to power their ship back to Earth.
: $1.99-$5.99
Released: Oct 03, 2001

#3 (the series has landed)
Fry, Leela, and Bender fly to the moon to deliver their first package as Planet Express crew members. Disappointed to discover that the moon has been converted into a giant amusement park, Fry strikes off with Leela to find the moon that he remembers. Their oxygen supply quickly runs out, and they are forced to take shelter in a hydroponic farm, owned by an ornery moon farmer and his three beautiful robot daughters. Trouble erupts when Bender arrives and finds one robot daughter too tempting to resist.
Price: $1.99-$5.99
Released: Dec 27, 2002

#4 (Hell is other robots)
Bender joins The Church of Robotology, and strives to become a better robot, but his circuits can't resist temptation for long. He falls off the wagon and resumes his life of vice and debauchery, eventually winding up in Robot Hell. There he meets the Robot Devil, who plays a mean fiddle and has some nasty tortures in store for our hapless antihero.
Price: $1.99-$5.99
Released: Oct 24, 2001

#5 (X-Mas story)
You'd better watch out! Santa Claus is coming to town, and he's bringing lots of punishment for naughty boys and girls! It's Xmas 3000, and Christmas isn't quite the same as it used to be. Santa is now a homicidal robot whose programming tells him that everyone's been naughty, and everyone must be punished severely. Christmas is now Xmas, and the name of the game is stay out of the way! But Fry is determined to find a present for Leela, and must risk life and limb to get it.
Price: $1.99-$5.99
Released: Nov 11, 2001

#6 (My Three Suns)
The crew is sent to deliver a package to the Planet Trisol, where Fry accidentally drinks the planet's emperor. According to Trisolian custom, Fry is promptly made the new emperor. Fry takes the coronation oath, and is nearly killed by a mob of angry Trisolians when they discover that the previous emperor is still alive in Fry's stomach. At the last minute, Fry is rescued by Leela, but must endure a severe beating in order to force the old emperor out of his body through his tear ducts. Contains 8 die-cut characters that `pop` out of full color, thick card stock, with bases, and two-sided diorama. Shrink-wrapped with header card.
Price: $1.99-$5.99
Released: Jan 30, 2002

#7 (Fry & the Slurm Factory)
Fry and Bender win a trip to visit the factory where Slurm is made, and discover, to their horror, the secret ingredient in this highly addictive soft drink! Discover the secret yourself with this new set of Pop-Out People from one of the most disgusting Futurama episodes ever!
Price: $1.99-$5.99
Released: Feb 06, 2002

#8 (Put your head on my shoulder)
Romance blossoms at Planet Express when Fry and Amy start dating. Things heat up around the office, until their relationship cools down. But when the hover car they're in crashes on one of Jupiter's moons, Fry is decapitated, and his head is transplanted onto Amy's body. Wacky fun ensues, as Amy and Fry both try to score on Valentine's Day!
Price: $1.99-$5.99
Released: Jan 30, 2002

#9 (Raging Bender)
Ultimate Robot Fighting League. He quickly becomes their most popular robot fighter, and revels in his newfound fame and fortune. Unfortunately, the good times don't last, and Bender's ratings start to slip. In order to promote their newest star, a massive robot named Destructor, the Commissioner demands that Bender take on the persona of "The Gender Bender," and lose to the new recruit. Bender refuses to give in, and bravely battles Destructor. In the end, he loses the fight, but is given a 10% discount card to Bed Bath & Beyond as a compensation prize.
Price: $1.99-$5.99
Released: May 22, 2002

detailed info by Futurama Merchandise Page



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