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Fry Another Day 

Futurama Main Title 

“Keeps Going Going and Going”

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck arguing

(Just another day at Planet Express, the crew members have met up in the Professor’s Lab. The Professor, Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, Amy, Hermes, and Scruffy)


Professor: Good News Everyone, it’s time to ask the “What If” machine a question. Who’s turn is it now?

Scruffy: Scruffy would like to go?

Hermes: No way Scruffy, according to records you have used the “What If” machine, 60% more than everyone else.

Zoidberg: How about me, Zoidberg?

Amy: No way!

Bender: (holding a beer) Yeah, that would be a waste of our time, especially mine.

Fry: (with his hand raised) Me, Professor, pick me. Please, I haven’t gone in a long time.

Professor: Alright, Fry you can go.

Leela: [to fry] what are you going to ask it?

Fry: (pauses) Well, I’m a big fan of James Bond and my question is, what if I was a secret agent?

Bender: A secret agent?

Fry: Yeah, I’ve always wanted to save the world in a charmed manner and end up getting the girl.

Leela: Please, Fry that is so typical of many men, isn’t there one movie where James Bond didn’t have to sleep with a female spy.

Bender: Nope, that would take the fun out of the movies, I also know that a James Bot movie would suck just as well if he didn’t score with a fembots. (Drinks his beer)

Professor: Well, be that as it may, it is a worthy for the “what if” machine. Oh mighty “what if” machine, what if Fry were a secret agent?

(The Professor turns on the machine and it starts to show an image. Appear is the famous someone’s trying to shot Bond scene, except Fry walks in and he’s drinking a slurm and then he fires a laser right at the camera causing green blood to pour down. Camera then shows Fry in a tux, driving in a fancy car and is driving downtown to the Planet Express Building, he parks and heads on in. It is run-down, as if nobody has worked in it for a long time. He heads for the lockers and opens it and he is sucked into it and travels down a chute a enters a secret lab where he meets Hermes in a suit.)

Hermes: Aw, Agent 014 good to see, you’ve arrived actually at 8:15am just like you said.

Fry: Yes, Agent Conrad, I always like showing up at the time I said I would, and the name’s Fry, Philip J, Fry.

Hermes: Aw yes, yes 014 we all know you like the sound of your full name pronounced, but come on we have to discuss your next mission.

(They head to a room where there is a big screen and Hermes heads towards it to turn it on)

Fry: Cool are we going to watch, “All My Circuits”?

Hermes: (annoyed) No, Fry! (Claim) Now, as your know agent 1BDI (shows picture of Leela) was assigned to Cancun, Mexico to follow a lead to a possible plan to destroy the world. However, we have reason to believe she was captured and now is being held prisoner.

Fry: Who captured her?

Hermes: Well, before we lost contact with her, she did manage to give us some useful information. We now suspect that the evil Ironfinger may be involve and is planning to kill humans on Earth.

(Shows picture of Bender, he’s in a formal suit and has a monocle in left one. He is holding and petting Nibbler.)

Hermes: Ironfinger plans on killing all humans, because his finger is made of iron.

Fry: Ironfinger! I have heard of him before, but something bothers me.

Hermes: What 014?

Fry: If he’s a robot, wouldn’t all his fingers be made of iron? I mean the name Ironfinger seems redundant, don’t you think?

Professor: (coming in) Actually it isn’t, you see 014 Ironfinger got is name when he was being built. The scientists wanted his fingers to be made of titanium, they managed to do so, but when it came to do the last finger they ran out titanium material so they just replaced it with iron. Some say he became mad, then again we all become mad now and then, oh my yes. (clears his throat) Because of that Ironfinger blames his deformity on all humans.

Fry: Deformity! It’s just one finger?!

Professor: Well, it may seem little to you, but to other robots it is an embarrassment.

Hermes: Now, then as I was saying, Ironfinger plans to kill all humans by bending the world’s axis.

Fry: But weren’t they defeated back in the 20th Century in some big war?

Professor: No, you idiot! Not that axis, we’re talking about the axis in which the world’s sits on. (Uses a hologram to explain) As you know the Earth is on an certain axis while it orbits around the sun, this is what causes the climates on earth, if someone were to change the Earth’s axis, then that would change climates on Earth.

Hermes: Ironfinger plans to bend the world’s axis to a certain degree that will cause Earth’s temperatures to lower, causing a new Ice Age, all humans will freeze to death and this will allow all robots to take over.

Fry: My God, it’s just like a snow day, except it will be forever.

(Hermes and Professor look at each other and question if this will work)

Hermes: Fry, mon please wait until I’m finished before you say something. Now your mission is to go to Cancun and try and rescue agent 1BDI and learn what you can about Ironfinger’s evil plan. The professor will give you your devices in order to defend yourself against evil agents.

Professor: Come this way Fry, (Takes him to a lab room where a table loaded with secret agent stuff) Here is a bag of your basic spy stuff (hands him a black bag) and I have some other special devices to show you. Now this may seem like a cheap ordinary pen, but actually it’s an expensive ball point pen.

Fry: But it does do spy stuff, right?

Professor: I’m getting to that, now unlike ordinary pens, this pen’s ink drys really fast and doesn’t let a mark on your hand if you wipe on the writing.

Fry: Professor!

Professor: Fine. It shoots a laser alright, here (hands pen) you big baby. Now on to the next thing, this bow-tie will allow you to take instant pictures and gather evidence.

Fry: Yeah it looks like you’ve been using it. (Looks at the table) Look at all this pictures. (Whistles)

Hermes: Hey it looks like they were taken from inside the women’s restroom.

Professor: (panics) Aw yes, yes, they were, you don’t have to make a lawsuit out of this. Now here Fry (hands him a comb).

Fry: Hey thanks for the comb, my old one broke and I don’t have another one.

Professor: It’s not for you hair! It is a communication TV radio, allowing you to contact us and report back. Now off you go and save the world.

Fry: Hey what about this? Cool this may seem like an ordinary bedpan, but it’s really a bomb right.

Professor: Wrong! It is mine, honestly I don’t know why the nurse leaves it here after cleaning it.

(Next scene. Fry is about to board the Planet Express ship, with the Professor and Hermes saying good-bye.)

Professor: Now good luck Agent 014.

Fry: Thanks Professor. Don’t worry I wouldn’t let earth or you guys down. (Enters ship and it takes off)

Hermes: Do you think he’ll succeed?

Professor: Oh my no, that’s why I’ve bought an apartment on Mars.

Hermes: Can I be your roommate?

Professor: Only if you pay half the rent.

Hermes: Professor, you got yourself a deal. (Shakes hands)

(Next scene the ship makes it to Cancun, it is almost dawn there)

Pilot: Now, Agent 014 you’ll have to parachute down here.

Fry: A question. Do we really have to be this high up for me to jump, can’t we just fly down a bit. (Pilot pushes him off and he falls. He panics, but pulls the cord causing the chute to open and he makes down to earth safely.)

(Next scene. He makes it a to fancy beach resort and it is already crowd with people. People are drinking at the outside bar and others enjoying the beach swimming and tanning. Fry walks up to the outside bar and meets iZac.)

iZac: Now what can I get you?

Fry: Martini, shaken not stirred. No wait stirred not shaken. No I hated deciding, okay how about half shaken and half stirred.

iZac: You got it.

(Fry turns around and takes out a pair a binoculars and looks at the beach. He looks and then it stunned to see Amy come out the water, with her in a red bathing suit. He tries to contain himself. iZac notices.)

iZac: I noticed you are staring at that beautiful Chinese Martian.

Fry: (embarrassed) Oh I was just admiring the ocean.

iZac: Aw don’t worry, she always takes a swim around this time.

(Amy comes in from the sun, drying herself off with a towel.)

Amy: [to Fry] Hi, I’m Jinx (slips and falls on the floor, Fry changes his flattered face to shock) for obvious reasons. [Giggles]

Fry: Are you okay?

iZac: Are you kidding? She always does that when she comes for a drink.

Jinx: I’m fine. And who are you sir?

Fry: The names Fry, Philip J. Fry

Jinx: Wow! I like how you pronounced your full name.

Fry: Yeah well some people don’t like it.

Jinx: You know tonight my boss is throwing a party tonight would you like to come with me?

Fry: Would I!?

Jinx: Then I’ll see at 8 at the lobby of the Ay, Carumba Hotel. (Walks away in a sexy way. Fry just smiles amazed by Amy’s beauty.)

(Next scene. Fry in a tux waits in the lobby for Jinx. Jinx comes down the steps and she has on a ravishing white dress with shiny pearls sown on blinking)

Fry: Wow, I really like your dress.

Jinx: Thanks, lets go to the Ball Room.

(They both head in and there is a big party with humans, robots and aliens around wearing formal clothes)

Fry: So, who is your boss?

Jinx: Gluh, only the riches entrepreneur on Earth, Bender Ironfinger.

Fry: [thinking] so Ironfinger really is here. I bet I can get her to take me to him. (Out loud) So can I talk to him?

Jinx: It’ll have to wait, how about we dance.

(They start dancing, but Fry then notices Ironfinger petting Nibbler at a table with Zoidberg wearing a black Derby and suit, much like the Asian henchman from “Goldfinger”)

Jinx: Mr. Fry are you okay? You seemed awfully distracted?

Fry: Yeah well I’ve never been to a formal place before.

Jinx: That’s okay, you get use to it.

Fry: So you work for Ironfinger, what do you do?

Jinx: I work as an intern for him.

Fry: really?

Jinx: Yup

Fry: What does he do?

Jinx: He sells products to better mankind; TVs, and other electrics.

Fry: [Thinking] Yes, the perfect cover.

(the music stops and everyone heads back to their tables. Jinx and Fry head for Ironfinger’s table.)

Jinx: [To Ironfinger] Good evening, sir

Ironfinger: Aw Jinx, who is your date?

Jinx: This is Mr. Philip J. Fry.

Ironfinger: Aw, Mr. Fry, how do you enjoy our festivities?

Fry: They’re great.

Ironfinger: Aw excellent. [to Zoidberg] Zoidberg!

Zoidberg: Yes, master whom might be kind to give me some food?

Ironfinger: Tell the men to prepare my plane in the morning and change my Nibbler’s diaper.

Zoidberg: [disappointed] Yes master. (Takes Nibbler and leaves)

Ironfinger: Sorry about that, but my vacation is almost over and I’ll be leaving in the morning.

Fry: Yeah, well I have to be going back to my room anyway.

Jinx: I’ve got a better, idea.

(Next scene. Fry is in Jinx’s hotel room and heads for her bathroom, while Jinx is at the liquor cabinet in the living room. Fry reaches for his comb TV radio.)

Fry: Hello, Agent Conrad, come in. I’ve found Ironfinger.

Hermes: Good 014, have you found agent 1BDI?

Fry: Not yet, but I’ll get to it eventually.

Hermes: Well see that you do, and make sure you gather evidence.

(Little does Fry know, but he’s being watched by a hidden camera, but two green aliens much like Kif.)

Alien: Is that guy talking to his comb?

Alien 2: Who cares? We use these cameras to look at the human woman when she uses the bathroom.

(The camera shows Fry ending communication with Hermes and just in time.)

Jinx: (OS) Mr. Fry are you finished using the bathroom.

Fry: Yes (heads back to the living room. He sits down on the couch. Jinx joins him and gives him a glass of wine)

Jinx: so what’s a guy like you doing here?

Fry: I’m on vacation.

Jinx: Really? What do you do? (Leans closer to him. Fry gets nervous because he’s thinking about trying to find Leela)

Fry: Aw, Listen it’s not like I’m scared, but I was wondering if you were willing to wait until tomorrow night?

Jinx: Why wait? (Grabs his bow-tie trying to take it off, but instead triggers the camera and flashes blinding her. The picture comes pops out. Fry manages to grab it and tear it up before Jinx can finish rubbing her eyes.)

Jinx: What was that?

Fry: Ah you probably were drinking too fast?

Jinx: Yeah Maybe. So where were we? (Fry looks nervous and she lean closer again)

(Next scene. It’s morning and Fry’s alone in Jinx’s bed. He wakes up and realizes what he did. He looks around for Jinx, calling her name, but instead finds a note which reads, “Dear Sweety, It was really great last night, by the time you read this, I’ll probably be at the beach swimming like I always do, be back real soon, I have to be leaving, to get back to work with Ironfinger. Signed, Jinx.”)

Fry: Well I guess I better shave.

(He heads for the bathroom looks at the mirror, he open the medicine cabinet and fines both men’s and women’s shaving cream. He grabs the men’s shaving cream and behold it opens a secret passage and he is shocked and amazed. Still in his underwear he passes the two green aliens who are sleeping by the monitors. He walks over to a glass window and see, Clamps and Joey Mousepad and on a table strap was Leela.

Clamps: The Boss is tired on how you refuse to talk, once again who are you working for?

Leela: Your mama.

Clamps: (Shocked) No, wonder my mother never liked to tell me about her personal life.

Joey: I think that was an insult.

Clamps: An insult!? Why I’ll clamp her. (Starts clamping, but Joey stops him)

Joey: No Clamps, we have a better way. (Turns on a machine that beams lasers and they raise Leela’s table and she is about to get burned by the lasers.)

Fry: Not so fast. (The two robots are shocked to see him in his underpants.

Joey: Damn man couldn’t you have put something on.

(Fry pulls out his laser pen and begins firing it, but he doesn’t have the hang of it and hits the laser machine causing it to screw up beaming lasers everywhere. Joey and Clamps get hit and fall down. Fry dodges the beams to get to Leela.)

Fry: Sorry for taking to long.

Leela: I was wondering when you were going to show up?

Fry: You know about Jinx?.

Leela: Yeah, she is the one who was in charge of keeping me prisoner here and you were flirting with her.

Fry: (embarrassed) And you also know that...

Leela: can we talk in a much safer place? (the lasers where still beaming at random places, but they managed to get out, safely.)

(Next Scene. They both make it back to Fry’s room as they pack a few things. Fry contacts Hermes while Leela manages to pull something out of her black spy suit stealth suit)

Leela: These are the plans I stole from Ironfinger.

(Reveals the blueprints of a huge laser)

Fry: What’s that?

Hermes (over the TV radio): It’s a laser that has the ability to move the Earth. Ironfinger plans on using it to bend the Earth’s axis and kill all humans

Leela: There is more. Ironfinger plans on turning this laser on at the North Pole.

Hermes: Then you two must get to the North Pole at once, I know you both will do us proud. We have total faith in you.

Professor (over the radio): Hermes, what do you think of this Mars Apt.?

Hermes: Not Now! (Ends transmission)

Leela: well we have our orders, Jinx must still be swimming, we can capture her at least.

Fry: Wait are you sure she’s bad?

Leela:(angry) Fry just because you slept doesn’t make her a good person.

Fry: Well why are you so mad? It’s not like you and me ever hit it off.

Leela: I just think it was wrong for you two to do it, in general.

Fry: You’re jealous.

(Next scene. Jinx is coming out of the water and heads for the bar, when Leela and Fry show up, pointing lasers at her.)

Leela: Alright Jinx the jig is up.

Jinx: (happily) How did you escape?

Leela: 014 rescued me.

Jinx: Fry don’t listen to her, she thinks I’m an evil spy.

Fry: Well are you?

Jinx: Of course not [winks]

Leela: Fry! She just misleading you.

Fry: right, freeze jinx (point pen at her).

Jinx: Well that’s to bad, because I think the Earth will be doing the freezing. (Reaches quickly into her bra and pull out two lasers and starts firing at them. Jinx runs down the beach and they chase after her. Jinx makes it up to the cliff sides, but is trapped between them a 50ft. drop.)

Leela: End of the line Jinx, give it up.

(Jinx tosses up weapons and puts her hands up, but then looks down at the water below and looks back at Fry and Leela with her back facing the ocean, smiles and leans back to fall. Fry and Leela race over to see her fall only to witness Jinx landing safely in a speedboat with Zoidberg in it. They speed away and the speedboat lifts off the water and flies off to where ever Ironfinger is.)

Fry: How was she able to do that?

Leela: She was a champion diver at Mars U.

Fry: Well, she got away.

Leela: Maybe so, but we know where she is going.

(Next scene. They are on the Planet Express ship. The Pilot is taking them to the North Pole. Fry and Leela and sitting together in passenger seats.)

Leela: Well we should be at the North Pole in a short while.

Fry: That’s great. (Smiles but Leela looks upset and turns the other way) What’s the matter?

Leela: I still can’t believe you slept with her and you just met her.

Fry: Yeah well, part of being a spy is going beyond the call of duty.

Leela: It sounded like that last night.

Fry: So you did hear us?

Leela: Heard and saw with the help of the monitors those green aliens where using for their own amusement.

Fry: Yeah will you shouldn’t be jealous.

Leela: I’m not jealous.

Fry: Trust me Leela, I know and have worked with you for a long time and I know you’re jealous, but you don’t have to worry, if Jinx is as bad as you say she is then I don’t want nothing to do with her.

Leela: Even if that means never having to sleep with her?

Fry: No matter how much it would suck.

Leela: Alright, let’s just worry about saving the world.

Fry: Look, Leela that thing with Jinx was a mistake, actually the truth is I really like you, and I was hoping that after, you know, we save the world and all we could go out? Please, maybe?

Leela: Aw 014 that is so sweet of you. (It looks like they are about to kiss when all of a sudden, the pilot on the intercom informs them)

Pilot: We’ve made it to the North Pole, good luck you two.

(Leela and Fry both parachute out and land in the snow as they look ahead they can see an ice fortress and what appears to be a certain laser sticking out of the top, pointing in the direction where the sun is.)

Leela: That must be the laser that will bend the Earth’s axis if we don’t stop it. Let’s go.

(They walk towards to the fortress. As they reach close to it they duck and cover, for two guards are right at the front door)

Leela: Alright, I guess we’ve have to climb up the wall.

(They sneak to an area where there are not guards. Leela, pulls out a rope and a hook much like the one they used to climb the Watergate in “A head at the polls”. They start to put on spy masks.)

Fry: Wait a minute, this isn’t a mask it’s a sock! (Tries to take it off, but almost rips it)

Leela: Pipe down Fry, it is an expensive sock...a mean mask.

(They both start to climb up the wall and make it to the first window. Then both enter and they appear to still have the element of surprise.)

Leela: Alright, now to disarm the laser.

Jinx: not, so fast. (She and a bunch of Robot armed with lasers point right at them.)

Fry: This looks like a job for Mr. Pen. (Takes out his laser pen and starts to fire it, but once again he doesn’t get the hang of it and blasts the ceiling, cause it to fall on him and Leela, knowing them out.)

(Next scene. They wake up and find that they are chained together on a pole and right below them is battery acid. They are both shocked, but then they hear a voice.)

Ironfinger: So we meet again Mr. Fry, or should I say agent 014. (He was talking while sitting on a chair with is back turned on them, he turns around to reveal himself and he is petting Nibbler with Zoidberg standing next to him.)

Ironfinger: So, you thought you and agent 1BDI can stop me from killing are the humans on earth?

Leela: You’ll never get away with this, Ironfinger.

Ironfinger: Get away? I’ll never get away with the label of being a freak. (Shows them the finger that is made of iron.)

Fry: Freak? That finger looks just like the rest of your fingers.

Ironfinger: Shows how much you know, sure it looks the same on the outside, but the inside that’s a different story, the inside is what my robot friends used to make fun of me, about.

Leela: Wait A Minute. If robots made fun of your so-called deformity, then why do you want to kill humans?

Ironfinger: Because it was humans who cursed me with this inferior digit, and they’ll pay.

Leela: Haven’t you thought of just replacing that iron finger with a another finger made of titanium?

Ironfinger: Sorry 1BDI, but not all of us like the idea of changing the way we were made just to better ourselves. I believe in keeping in old school, so in response to your statement agent 1BDI, I will get away with it. You and agent 014 have failed and it’s thanks in part of my assistant Jinx. (Jinx appears, but she slips and falls, she smiles and gets back up to stand right beside him.)

Fry: Jinx, how could you turn your back on mankind and help this nut?

Jinx: Guh, he’s only killing humans on earth, I’m from Mars.

Ironfinger: Now, we must be going to go bend the world’s axis, but you two will have the pleasure of using my hot acid bath, does wonders to my metal surface. (Pulls lever and Leela and Fry start to be lowed inch by inch.)

Fry: Do you expect us to talk, Ironfinger? Cause, I’ll willing to. (Leela just elbows him)

Ironfinger: Why no Mr. Fry, I expect you and 1BDI to die a gruesome, horrible, human death.

(Does his villain laugh stands up carries Nibbler and heads for the exit with Jinx and Zoidberg following him.)

Ironfinger: Zoidberg!

Zoidberg: Yes, master.

Ironfinger: Remind me, to have my acid tub clean, before I use it.

Zoidberg: (Proud that he’s useful) Yes, master. (They exit the door and it closes)

Fry: What do we do? They took all our spy stuff, except this stupid camera bow-tie.

Leela: Wait, they didn’t take all our useful devices. (She manages to get an arm loose from the chains and goes for her scrunchie and uses it to cut the chains and Fry and Leela hang onto the pole and Leela manages to grab Fry as they both manage to take a leap and barely make to the tip of the acid bath. Safe at last.)

Fry: [panting from fear] how could that cut the chain?

Leela: This is a diamond scrunchie. (She puts it by on) Now, lets go stop Ironfinger.

(Next scene they are both running to the where the laser is, when they come across a squad of robot soldiers)

Leela: (In fighting from) Time to kick some shiny, metal ass. (She kicks one robot down, then works on a few others. Fry is faced with Destructor and he is mad.)

Fry: Aw, hey how about I take your picture.

Destructor: (in normal voice) Really? Why, I could send it to Mom for Mother’s Day. (Poses and Fry using his bow-tie flashes, but it screws up Destructor and the he falls flat dead.)

Fry: Wow, what just happened?

Leela: (Talking while fighting a robot) Fry, that flash must screw up the robots’ circuits, quick start flashing some more.

Fry: But I’m out of film? I used most of it on Jinx, last night. (Gives an embarrassed smile.)

Leela: Who cares? Just flash ‘em!

Fry: This seems awfully familiar, wasn’t this the same thing that some old TV show did?

Leela: (angry) just flash ‘em.

(Fry starts flashing the rest of the robots and he and Leela continue to race against time.)

(Next scene. Ironfinger, Nibbler, Jinx, and Zoidberg are in the laser room ready to arm the laser.)

Ironfinger: In less than ten minutes the world will have a new ice, thus killing mankind, curse them and this iron finger they gave me, those filthy bastards.

Robot (on intercom): sir the intruders are heading your way.

Ironfinger: Curses, I’m too close to give up now. Jinx! Stall them in anyway you can.

Jinx: Yes, sir. (Walks out, but slips on the floor, but manages to get right back up.)

(Next scene. Fry and Leela are running and they meet up with Jinx.)

Jinx: Not, so fast you two.

Fry: Alright, Jinx take this (flashes, but nothing happens)

Leela: Fry, she’s not a robot.

Fry: Damn.

Leela: Fry, you go stop Ironfinger, I’ll take care off her.

Fry: Right! (Races off)

Jinx: Gleesh 1BDI, do you really think he’ll be able to stop Ironfinger?

Leela: Not really, I just wanted you all to myself.

(They start fighting, damn and no man is around to see this cat fight.)

(Next scene. Fry makes it to the laser room with 5 minutes left to the freezing of Earth)

Ironfinger: Aw.. Mr. Fry, nice to see you. Zoidberg get him.

Zoidberg: Hurray, I’m finally useful. [to Fry] Alright, Mr. Tough Guy, here’s a dose of Zoidberg. (Takes off his derby and throws it like a disk. Fry merely ducks and it curves flowing back to Zoidberg.)

Zoidberg: Oh no, my hat has Boomeranged on me. (Hat hits him on the head knocking him out.)

Fry: Now, Ironfinger, (takes out his camera and is about to flash) it’s just you and me.

Ironfinger: (panicked) Aw, get him Nibbler. (Throws Nibbler at him. Nibbler lands on the floor and starts growling at Fry. Fry looking bored, just grabs a trash can and covers Nibbler and places a brick on top. Nibbler just gives annoyed growls. Fry turns his attention to Ironfinger, but Ironfinger hits him with a chair and then steps in the bow-tie camera, smashing it.)

(Next scene. Jinx and Leela have been really taking it hard on each other. They both stop to take a breath)

Jinx: (panting) You are a lot tougher than before.

Leela: (panting) I’ve always been tough, you just don’t have henchbots with you this time.

Jinx: Well, I still have one trick up my sleeve. (Pulls out a laser from her bra and fires, Leela dodges and kicks Jinx. Jinx flies through a window and falls into the snow. Leela, looks out and sees that Jinx fell and few feet and lies out cold in the snow. Leela then races to help Fry.)

(Next scene. Fry wakes up and sees Ironfinger right at the laser.)

Ironfinger: At last it works. [turns around] Aw, Mr. Fry you are awake, feast your eyes at this. (We cut to see the whole Earth bend and temperatures start to lower. We cut to parts of the world where it’s snowing heavily in the Sahara, New New York, Mexico and Antarctica.)

Robot Living in Antarctica: Eh, what’s the difference?

(Back at the North Pole. Ironfinger laughs as Fry looks on.)

Fry: I have to stop this.

Ironfinger: But you can’t, you have nothing left to stop me with.

Fry: Yes I do, (reaches in his tux and pulls out a bedpan.) It’s lucky I snatched this from the professor when he wasn’t looking.

(Cut to Mars Apartments. Hermes is busy unpacking and Professor is off screen)

Professor: Hermes have you seen my bedpan? I can’t find it... oh wait never mine.

(Hermes just give an expression of disgust.)

(Cut back to the North Pole. Fry throws the bedpan and it hits Ironfinger right in the head, causing him to fall back and crash into the controls and he gets electrocuted and causing the laser to stop. We cut to see the Earth’s axis bend back to normal, causing the world’s temperatures to go back to normal.)

Robot Living in Antarctica: Well, that was a waste of time.

(Back at the North Pole, Ironfinger wakes up and is shocked to see his laser destroyed, but the he is more to realize that he triggered the self-destruct set to go off in 2 minutes.)

Ironfinger: Curses, why did I have this button installed?

Zoidberg: (waking up) Because, the installing was free.

Ironfinger: Shut up!

Zoidberg: Yes, Master.

Fry: Alright, Ironfinger you are coming with me.

Ironfinger: That’s what you think. (Pushes Fry and races out to a secret passage with Zoidberg and Nibbler. Fry tries to go after him, but the door closes.)

Computer voice: The fortress will self-destruct in 1 minute

(Leela arrives)

Leela: Where’s Ironfinger?

Fry: He escaped, but we have to get out now.

(They both race out and try to beat the clock)

(Next Scene. Ironfinger, Zoidberg and Nibbler head for the escape pods. Ironfinger gets in first.)

Ironfinger: Zoidberg hand me Nibbler.

Zoidberg: Yes, master. (Gives him Nibbler, only to have the door closed on his face.)

Zoidberg: Master, open the door, there are two seats.

(Ironfinger opens the door to answer.)

Ironfinger: I know there are two seat, one for me and one for Nibbler.

(Closes door and takes off, with Zoidberg looking sad)

(Next Scene. Fry and Leela make it outside. Leela looks around for Jinx.)

Leela: Damn! Jinx got away, too. (Points at a imprint of Jinx’s body.)

Fry: Whoa, she left a note.

(Picks it up, but Leela grabs him before he can read it and they both run from the fortress and then it exploded in a huge manner, causing a big stack of smoke.)

Fry: Wow, nobody could’ve survive that. (Cuts closer to the rubble and out pops Zoidberg, dirty and with his clothes torn.)

Zoidberg: Hurray, I survived, but only to continue being ignored. (Starts to cry.)

(Cuts back to Fry and Leela.)

Fry: Well, I’m going to read this note.

(Starts reading: “Dear Sweety, If you are reading this, then you survived and I have escaped. Tell Agent 1BDI that was a lucky shot and she hasn’t heard the last of me. Well, hope to see you, and if Ironfinger orders me, kill you later. Signed, Jinx.”)

Fry: Well, she still seems nice. (Leela just has a frown.)

(Next scene. The two are by the Cancun beach, on blankets and having a picnic and using a communicator to contact Hermes.)

Hermes: (on the TV radio) Good work, Agent 014 and 1BDI. The Earth is safe for another day.

Leela: It’s a shame that Ironfinger and Jinx got away.

Fry: (Resuring) Eh I’m sure we’ll all meet again in many other exciting adventures.

Hermes: Well, the both of you enjoy your vacation.

(Hermes gets interrupt by the movers who are moving his stuff back to NNY.)

Mover: You know people who move, tend to stay much longer at their new home than just one day.

Hermes: Pipe down mon, and make sure not to have any of my stuff touch da Professor’s. (ends transmission)

Fry: Well we have time off, What do you want to do?

Leela: I got an idea. (Hands him a glass of wine) Oh Zoidberg.

(Zoidberg crab walks out of the ocean.)

Zoidberg: Yes, new masters.

Leela: Go see if our rooms are ready.

Zoidberg: Yes ma’am. Hurray at last masters who appreciate me.

(Walks away.)

Leela: You know Fry, if you thought Jinx was good, wait until we get back to our room.

Fry: You, mean.

Leela: Yes.

Fry: Alright!

(They both kiss as the camera takes an air shot and everything gets all wavy and he see the screen of the what if machine.)

Bender: Well, another unhappy ending, lousy, lucky humans.

Zoidberg: Vhat are you crazy? It was happy ending, for Zoidberg.

Scruffy: Scruffy gives it two thumbs up.

Hermes: Yes, it was good.

Amy: Well, I didn’t like it much, like I’m anything like that Jinx. (Starts to walk away, but slips and falls. She gets back up and just walks away.)

Professor: Come, everybody, lets go see my newest invent. Now for this, I’ll need you all to sign a wavier that says I’m not responsible for any accident that may and will happen. Oh my yes.

(Everybody walks away, except for Fry and Leela)

Fry: So, what do you think of it Leela?

Leela: Well, it was okay, but their were some moments, I didn’t like.

Fry: Right, the ending.

Leela: Actually, I really liked the ending.

Fry: You did.

Leela: Yeah, it was a great.

(Looks directly into Fry’s eyes and Fry does the same. Something is special is happening)


Well, hope you enjoyed reading this. Here’s a special treat a list of titles I came up with for this story before choosing Fry Another Day:

I, Fry Am Spy

The Bourne Fry-dentity

Triple F

Fry Kids


The Spy who Slept With Me

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